View Full Version : 77 miles of SC, thru-hike/fishing Foot Hills Trail partner,shuttle,advice welcom ?

12-11-2010, 23:11
Hello everyone, planning on a thru-hike of the FHT. Mid to late spring. Before it gets to hot but not to early to catch a few hatches. This will be an ongoing tradition of mine combining my love for both backpacking and flyfishing. I plan to spend a full 7days on this trail and pull big miles in between fishing hot spots. And leasure about some river areas such as the chatooga river trail. Ive been to the chatooga river trail once before on a three day two night fly fishing trip. I hung on that trip with a old army net hammock and a utility tarp. And would have it no other way. which is why i have been lurking around thease forums for the last week. I beleave i have settled on the double layer WB traveler with bug net. And possibly the JRB 11x10. but the gear is not the reason for me starting this thread. Im looking for a partner that shares a passion for fly fishing and backpacking to share this expeirence with . As well as any advice from anyone that has done any of this trail. Thanks SAMOSET

12-11-2010, 23:41
I'd sign up except for the big miles part.....I know this trail and for ME it is not a big miles trail, not with the sheer number of waterfalls and lake Jocassee and having to carry a LOT of food (unless you have a boat resupply you at the lake)...and not to mention this trail has some serious climbs for an aged hiker such as myself.
Forgot to mention it would be an awesome trail to have a Tenkara rod strapped to the pack and an SC fishing liscense.

12-12-2010, 00:42
We could always do a section of the trail together. Where i plan on slowing it down a bit. Heck maybe i could even talk you into being a resupply ;) I forgot to mention i plan on starting at table rock and ending in oconee stateparks i beleave that this would be conciderd westbound. Il have to consult my guide book and map i just received in the mail. Fig id go ahead and order them. I was also wondering if anyone knows offhand the locations of bus stations in relation to thease two parks. As ill be arranging shuttles or cabs to and from them and bussing in from Atlanta. As far as a fishing licence goes I Dont leave home without them :) and i will be using a western style 6wt maybe 5wt. I will be traveling as light as i can manage and im training my body now for long miles and sliperry rocks. Im concidering this trip a quest for a big brown trout. :)