View Full Version : Merry Christmas on HF (and all the other winter holidays)

Just Jeff
12-19-2010, 15:30
Since the holidays are here, please remember HF's policy on religious and political discussion as outlined in the Terms of Service (http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=25509). We don't have religious or political discussion here.

If you'd like to send holiday wishes to HF, discuss what people gave and received, what travel plans are, that's fine (as long as it's in the appropriate subforum...keep the hammocking threads focused on hammocking and any other info in the off-topic area). That kind of conversation isn't religious in and of itself, so it doesn't violate the TOS and will be allowed to stay.

Discussing the commercialization of Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas, its origins, how it compares to other religious holidays this time of year, etc...all off-topic and such posts will be edited or deleted without notification.

As mods, we understand that people may disagree with this policy, or even compare it to other policies on HF and try to point out inconsistencies. Please understand that moderating is a never-ending application of discretion, and that we try to balance an open community feel with keeping HF on-topic...we have to draw the line somewhere. You may not put it at the same place, and that's understandable...but quibbling over the policy only detracts us from the content of the site, which is what brought us all here in the first place. So have a Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) and let's talk about hammocks.