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01-17-2011, 12:18
Hi all,

I have ordered some gear from "Tree to Tree Trail Gear". It has been sent by USPS who according to their records tried to deliver the parcel at 2:51am in the UK on Friday!! The delivery address is my workplace so can only accept packages between 8am & 4pm on weekdays.

Does anyone know who delivers their stuff in the UK, so i can contact them to arrange re-delivery?

I'd be gutted if it all got sent back over the pond :(

Many Thanks


01-17-2011, 16:47
I expect it'll be Parcel Farce, the parcel will be released from customs to Parcel Farce who pay the import tax then claim to deliver, you'll then recieve a letter through the post office asking you to come collect the parcel and pay the import tax and parcel farce charge you 8 admin fee for the privilege.

01-17-2011, 17:46
There is a trick here to speed things up slightly .....
The USPS will have a tracker number, which if you follow it, you will see when the package has arrived in the uk and when it is awaiting customs clearance.

When it gets to that point, if you phone up parcelforce and get the equivalent parcelforce tracking number you can then phone the local parcelforce depot and pay the VAT and parcelforces 'clearance fee' over the phone or online.

This saves you having to sit around with your parcel stuck at customs awaiting a letter from parcelforce to arrive.

Hope that helps


01-18-2011, 16:04
Thanks guys,

I was concerned because I had no idea what happens when a package is sent internationally. trunks, please keep me posted on this.

Cheers, Dale

01-20-2011, 13:27
Thanks for the replies chaps.

Yipeee the peapod arrived, panic over, you can breath easy now Dale :)

It was just as Flatfishy & Colonel443 said.

Apparently 90% of parcels posted USPS from the USA get delivered in the UK by Parcel Force.

Unfortunately there is an anomaly with their online tracking, so when it arrives at their depot & they calculate the duty to pay, it goes on the online tracking as "attempted delivery"!!!!! This is why it showed the time as 2:51am

I only found this out because i rung Parcel Force, then rung my local depot to pay the duty by VISA over the phone. They will not attempt actual delivery until the duty is paid.

Their normal practice is to send out a letter in the post requesting the payment, however, my parcel arrived at the depot on 14.01.11 and i never received the letter - good job i followed the sound advice and phoned them.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Dale & Speer for their great service and product - both are great :)