View Full Version : Help with decision - Switchback vs. SB Light Hiker

02-09-2011, 18:22
I'm looking for a little input/insight from owners of the Switchback and the Switchback Light Hiker.

I've watched MacEntyre's videos on the Light Hiker. I know the LH is a bit shorter than the SB, but the same width as the SB. Mac said in his post he is just under 6' and he looks to fill the hammock up (no offense;) - I'm talking end to end). It just doesn't look very roomy for a big guy and I'm a big guy.

My concerns revolve around the size (length) of the light hiker. I'm 6'0" and want to make sure I won't be cramped on a diagonal or hang over the sides when in the hammock.

So, is there anyone out there around 6' tall that has a Light Hiker that can give some insight?

02-10-2011, 20:12
Decision has been made... I know I didn't get any replies to this thread, but have gotten a lot of insight from everyone on other threads and through PMs. Thanks to everyone!

I chose to try out the Switchback Light Hiker (first;)). My thoughts when making the decision:

My move to hammocking was, in part, to reduce pack weight. My gear selections have been made with that same thought in mind. Although the 7 ounce weight difference doesn't sound like a lot, it is still 7 ounces I don't have to carry.
The thought of a shorter hammock length didn't really bother me. My WBBB 1.7 Dbl is gargantuan inside. I'm imagining that the 1.9 Dbl Switchback would be the same or bigger since it is built at the same length. The Light Hiker is only 8" shorter - that's 4" on the head end and 4" on the foot end. I just don't think it will make a huge difference.
If the Light Hiker doesn't fit me, it will fit the wife. She is still not completely comfortable in her WBBB 1.0 Dbl. This may be the hammock that gets her 100% on board. And then I get to order the full sized Switchback.

I can't wait to give the hammock a try. A full report and pictures will be forthcoming once I get a change for a test hang.

02-10-2011, 20:20
Sounds like you put some thought behind the decision. I anxiously await your review.

02-10-2011, 20:34
Congratulations Shane!
We anxiously await your review (but not as anxious as you, while waiting for the UPS truck)

02-10-2011, 22:44
I'm interested in the LH so I look forward to your impressions.

02-11-2011, 09:28
Got that review done yet? :D

02-15-2011, 12:53
No review yet... But I did just get that coveted email stating "Your order just shipped.":D. I guess I got my order in before the rush. Thanks guys! Can't wait to hang it up.

02-15-2011, 13:02
I'm really curious to hear how it is w/o the spreaders for the net. That was one of the things I really liked. Now that the 1.1 DL is back on the table I get to waffle between these two. :)