View Full Version : The Great Eastern Loop

01-12-2008, 00:25
Since Skurka has done the GWL, I started thinking, could the same sort of thing be done on the east coast. After a little research, the answer is a defiant YES. Looping together the Appalachian and The Great Eastern Trail, you get a loop. Now I have no idea how long the trip would be, or take, but the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. To my knowledge, it hasn't been done (although that really wouldn't matter to me that much). So what do you hangers out there think, should I give it a try? If I do it'll have to wait until after paramedic school is over in 2010, but thats two years to get this planned out well. So am I nuts (well I already know the answer to that) or should I start trainning and planning.

(Forgot to add, but i dont where the GET trail starts in the North, so part of the hike would be on the North Country Senic Trail)

01-12-2008, 08:18
Maybe by 2010 the GET will be walkable (although anyplace is walkable if you are willing to put forth the effort). Talk to Hammock Hanger over at White Blaze. She has a lot of info on the GET as she walked on it this year. Good luck!