View Full Version : IX Inserts - temperature increase

04-21-2011, 10:57

I have a shamu IX UQ that I picked up recently. It is great UQ but it doesn't keep me warm enough down to freezing or slightly less. For those that have the extra IX inserts, how much extra warmth do they provide? Would 2 inserts plus the 2 layers of the Shamu get me down to 20F or so?



04-28-2011, 00:16
I don't know. I'm a cold sleeper and with my Orca and 1insert I can't get below 40ish. But I added a space blanket between the hammock and the IX and was significantly warmer. YMMV


05-04-2011, 10:26
I took my Baby Orca with a z-rest pad under me down to 37F and raining. I had the LHBR on top and was warm, but not toasty / comfortable. If I had one more layer of IX under me, or over I would have been completely comfortable. As it was, I was tolerably ok.

Darby may kill me for stating thing already, but he showed me a NEW LHBR that's coming out at trail days. He added loops to the ends to tie it up as an UQ, and about a 2ft zipper inside to add additional IX sheets. I'm very interested in this as I'd love to be able to add IX to my TQ, as I can with my UQ already.

Darby, sorry man. That was too cool for me to keep my mouth shut.