View Full Version : Shenandoah NP Resupply question.

04-25-2011, 10:22
My wife and I have decided we will hike the entire Shenandoah NP beginning right after Trail Days. (Rockfish Gap to Front Royal) We plan on really taking our time and soaking it all in. All my backpacking experience has been limited to about a week in duration with no resupply needed. I have a copy of the AT Guide which gives all the resupply points etc.

I'd like to know what to expect at the Long Term Resupply points. Are they regular grocery stores? Do they sell backpacker food such as Mountain House etc....denatured alcohol. We may take up to two weeks to complete the trip (about 100 miles) and I'm hoping I won't have to carry any more than five days worth of food and fuel at a time. I'm thinking I will have to resupply probably twice.

Any advice would be appreciated and/or any other advice about hiking in the Shenandoah National Park. BTW...this the first time my wife has backbacked longer than an overnighter although she's an avid dayhiker, so kudos to her.

Thanks, Miguel