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07-19-2011, 14:17
Hey everyone,
I'm new to hammock forums but have been reading some threads here and there for sometime now. Love this site lots of great info. I'm starting my thru hike of the long trail august 1st. I've got a HH Hyperlite zip and a Phenoix 3-season UQ and a Summer Burrow TQ. I'm real excited to get all my gear set up and test it out this week. I was just looking for some tips on thru hiking with a hammock and maybe about some cool spots to hang along the trail.

07-19-2011, 14:33
Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your walk through the woods. Out of curiosty, how long do you plan to do the whole trail?

Sounds like you're set up well too, nice and warm.

07-19-2011, 14:38
I've planned to do it in 21-25 days depending on how many rest days I take. Im really just playing it by ear. Ill def be done within 25 days

07-19-2011, 14:46
You might want to consider a good cuben fiber roll top stuff sack to keep those quilts in. Wet quilts would ruin your thru hike. Check out Zpacks roll top cuben dry sacks. Ive got a large one for my quilts and a medium one for my food. They are favorites in my gear collection. Completely waterproof once you seal the one seam on them. I haven't sealed mine yet, but everything has stayed dry so far. Excellent quality and will last forever it seems, super tough.

07-19-2011, 15:59
i went from NJ to VT on the AT this past spring. I was mainly concerned with staying out of the way of the AT thru hikers, when i got to a campsite/shelter i always set up in a place where i knew i wouldnt be a bother and tried not set up where tents could be set up so others could use them. i never had a hard time finding places to set up, plenty of trees. if i arrived at shelters a bit later in the evening i always tried to find ways to set up in the shelter, most were accommodating but some werent. if others were in the shelter i didnt even bother, but everyone was really nice that i met and didnt mind me being in the shelter. It was a great experience and cant wait to get back on the trail best of luck to you!

07-19-2011, 16:31
Nice, I hope you have a great enjoyable trip.

If you're not oppose to the use of permethrin, maybe consider soaking your gear in it before you head out to ward off some bugs, especially ticks.

07-19-2011, 21:57
Ya I already have the permethrin purchased just waiting until the day before i leave to apply it. thanks for the tips.

12-02-2011, 23:21
the LT is a cool hike! i will also be doing a thru Aug 2012 as well. +1 on the skeeter and tick protection, it gets nasty around that time of year

01-01-2012, 15:31
I was hoping to hike the LT in either 2013 or 14. I know itís a long way off, but I have other goals around here I would like to finish first. I plan on thru hiking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail this year to see how I handle a small thru hike of 70 miles. If youíre going to keep a journal like postholer.com or trailjournals.com let me know. I read a couple of the journals for the LT on trailjournals.com and they seem to be very helpful with information on mail drops, towns, and shelters etc. Any advice you could offer after your trip would be much appreciated.

01-01-2012, 15:41
Hey HangingProud-
My friend from NH tried to talk me into doing the long trail first
before my thru hike. but I opted for the AT.
Definitely will be doing the long trail at some point.
Would be most interested in following you if you have a trailjournal
or postholer.


01-15-2012, 18:07
I am hoping to spend 5 days section hiking this in either late August or early September. I am leaning towards starting at the northern end and working southbound. I would be interested in you progress, may also bump into you. Good luck and enjoy.