View Full Version : best uq for switchback

07-28-2011, 15:00
So order is in and just waiting for my 1.9dl to ship... Seems like a good time to start looking at uq's... Any thoughts on which uq works really welll with the sb? I know these hammocks are a bit bigger--- so thought that might come into play... Right now the uq im leaning most towards is the Hammock Gear incubator 3season..Anyone try that uq wiith a sb? Im 6'2" 22o lbs-- should i get the uq made wider or longer? So what you guys think?

rip waverly
07-28-2011, 15:17
its my opinion that most underquilts, while not the same, will work on most any hammock. for example, i've had my hg incubator on a jrb bridge hammock, a wbbb, a wb traveler, an hh ulbp, a gt ul, and finally, in response your post.... a switchback 1.9 single.

while the switchback 'hangs longer' due to no srl, its dimensions are actually similar to a chunk of hammocks, most notably due to popularity, the wbbb. its actually smaller in that its not as wide.

you can't go wrong with an incubator. for ease of set up, fit, warmth and detail.. its a fine quilt.

07-28-2011, 17:55
I've got two Hammock Gear Incubators and a Hammock Gear Phoenix.

Phoenix hangs perfectly with no problem. Such a great piece of gear. I guess the hammock is too though:D.

Incubator hangs perfectly EXCEPT for the "foot end" hammock tie out ("foot end" = the end your feet will be in when sleeping). With that tie out in use, the incubator cannot come up and curl around my feet the way I like it. So... I just don't deploy the foot end hammock pull out when it's cold and I need my incubator. Doesn't affect the lie in any way, and my feet stay toasty warm. The Incubator is another great piece of gear. The newer Incubator is even better! Goes well with an excellent hammock.

There is nothing like being toasty warm in a hammock when it's cold outside.:thumbup:

A stock Incubator should fit you nicely. I'm 6'0" and 200#, but when I got my Incubator I was hovering around 250# and it was plenty big then. As Rip stated, the Switchback is actually a bit narrower than the WBBB but doesn't feel any narrower in the lay, so I feel like I actually get better back coverage with my Incubator on my SB than I do on my WBBB.

Whatever quilt you choose, be sure to pull the UQ suspension tight. It should actually raise the hammock body up when the hammock is not loaded. You won't have to shorten the UQ suspension much for a SwitchBack. You will for a Light Hiker. If your suspension is not tight enough, CBS will result, and we all know that isn't good.