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07-30-2011, 19:35
Tonight we reached 30,000 views on the bugnet zipper mods thread!!
ZQ and I want to take a moment and thank all for their support of our cottage business, their interest in Hennessy zipper mods, and hammock accessories, and mostly for all the friends we've made here on the forum and elsewhere. We are looking forward to a few more years where hopefully, as the creative juices flow, we can contribute more ideas and products to aid hammock hanger's providing them a positive experience. Have a great summer and happy hanging!:)
2Q and ZQ

07-30-2011, 19:41
you guy's do good work. i know i enjoyed my mod 2 on my HH while I had it. it made the hammock that more enjoyable and UQ's worked that much better.

i was wondering if you were going to offer ribbons for WB since brandon added that feature and there are a lot of them out there without. simple mod but some people dislike sewing.

anyway - i would only have good things to say if someone asked me about 2QZQ

07-30-2011, 19:46
The two of of you are awesome contributors to the industry as well as HF!
My experience with your customer service was exceptional!

Thanks, Mark
(MOWOGO '72)
Formerly MWPENG

07-30-2011, 21:01
You two deserve it. Congrats!

07-30-2011, 21:16
2Q & ZQ, congratulations on that milestone. You two do awesome work and are a great asset to the hammock community.

Cranky Bear
07-30-2011, 21:19
We are the ones that should and are thanking you two, I for one absolutely love my HH with the zipper mod! Congrats on the milestone!

rip waverly
07-31-2011, 01:22
awesome work- and a never say never attitude. willing to take on any project and time after time produce great results.


07-31-2011, 01:27
THAT'S FANTASTIC! But mostly it's a reflection on the excellent work you folks do and the kind of people you are. I know I'm mighty proud to count the two of you as friends. All the best in your business ventures and life in general!

07-31-2011, 09:57
I count it a privilege to know the two of you. I see nothing other than putting your best into all you do.

07-31-2011, 10:22
Tim you are such a stand up guy and the quality work that Donna and you do deserve all the praises you get. Proud to call you a friend.

Two Tents
07-31-2011, 10:35
If everyone who lurked posted you'd have 60,000 posts! It doesn't surprise me. You are super nice people who seem to love what you do, and it shows! Congrats!

07-31-2011, 12:12
This is a love fest that I don't mind piling on.

You two provide a great product and outstanding service at very reasonable prices.

Although we have not met personally, I look forward to some future time when our paths cross so I too can say how good it is to know you.