View Full Version : Great work by 2Q & ZQ

10-27-2011, 21:15
Just got a hammock back from 2QZQ. Hennessey Expedition... had the Mod 4 with triple zips on both sides. Fantastic job. Can't wait to take it out this weekend!

Thanks for the great work!


rip waverly
10-27-2011, 21:23
my favorite featured hammock.
their work is impeccable.

11-07-2011, 17:18
Just got my Explorer UL back with a mod 4 and Undercover..
Could not be happier.. Very clean job.
Now my WB will be collecting dust for a while:)

11-08-2011, 12:08
They do amazing work and they are great people to deal with....
Their customer service is the best you will find and if they tell you something, then they will make it happen.. I think they must have a big oak tree out back with a bunch of elfs that bake them cookies all day and they do all the work for them.
what they do is magic....:boggle: