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11-18-2011, 20:54
For those of us heading out to attempt a thru hike this year. What is your start date and if you are keeping a blog what is the URL?

11-18-2011, 20:56
I'm starting on 2/28/12. Had a trailjournal this year but I haven't decided if I'm going to blog for 2012.

11-19-2011, 06:45
well, a week ago I would have confidently said I'd be starting my NOBO trip on Apr 11, 2012 but a recent post of yours has me considering a March start.
so... probably mid-March & I think I'll just be keeping a journal.

& you'll be coming from Washington State for a repeat hike?! I understand my draw to the AT having spent most of my life in Ohio and on the east coast, but what about you? with all the beautiful trails to be found cross country - lots of them much closer to you - why the AT? just curious

11-19-2011, 08:40
The east looks different than the west. I had fun on the AT. I like how social the AT is. Those are a few of the reasons.

I think you are the second person who has told me that they changed their start date because of something I said. I didn't realize I was so influential :-)

11-19-2011, 09:21
3/20 was my original start date as well.

I travel to Washington State once or twice every year to visit Mt Rainer and the Wonderland Trail - I'll double what Bat said - it's just different over there. Spent some time at the Columbia River Basin Gorge in Washington this year - it was like being on another planet. The soil and flora looked wildly different, and even the sky - the sky was enormous. It's worth it.

12-02-2011, 10:48
I decided to start a trail journal for my Thru-hike. I did the first page of entries and it's mostly a little back story and information about other things going on before and after the hike as far as my musical endeavors are concerned.

The next page will be almost entirely practice hike recaps and gear related stuff.

Make sure you start at the bottom and work your way up:
Rook's Hike (http://rookshike.tumblr.com)

kayak karl
12-02-2011, 13:51
trail journals (http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?id=258977) is a good one. easy to follow and easy to find by name or trail name.

that's a hammock in there. got stuck 36 hours


12-02-2011, 18:53
I'll copy text to my trailjournals account when I'm actually on the trail. The tumblr is great for multimedia.

12-06-2011, 20:43
I am starting my thru hike the last few days of February - most likely the 28th or 29th - thanks Bat :)


12-09-2011, 08:25
Starting March 3rd.



12-09-2011, 08:35
Starting March 3rd.



Your blogspot is hilarious - nice work :laugh:

12-09-2011, 19:04
Early April for me!

Here's my just started blog:

12-15-2011, 03:02
I have a reservation at hikers hostel for Mar 19th & will start from Amicalola on the next morning.

I've been hiking most every day lately with a pretty full pack but will be hanging for the FIRST time this weekend. Having invested in all the gear I sure hope I take to it the way all the enthusiasts on this site have.

12-15-2011, 09:32
Not a Thru, but I am going to try and finish my last 1300 miles this year. IF all the IFs get out of the way, I'll be starting at the James River crossing in VA around the first of April. Catch me if you can!!!!!!!!:lol:
I can be found at Trailjournals.com. Look for a 2012 journal.

12-19-2011, 11:28
Your blogspot is hilarious - nice work :laugh:

Thanks! I'm glad someone finds me funny!

12-19-2011, 18:49
Son and I are planning on starting in late March. Probably around 20th. BTW, we'll be leaving MD a few days before with room for a few riders in the RV. If anyone needs a ride, and I have the room, I'd be happy to pick you up on the way.
I'll only be on the trail for a week then I've got to pay the bills.

Violent Green
12-19-2011, 20:08
Reading all these start dates sure does make me jealous. Good luck everyone. Remember, the juice is worth the squeeze.


12-19-2011, 20:23
A few years ago, I would have loved to have an AT thru hike start date, but for now because of my proximity to plenty of the AT, section hikes are just fine. BUT, if I had the opportunity to thru hike a long trail, without a doubt, it would be the PCT.


However, I wish a happy hike and best of luck to the potential thru hikers of the AT Class of 2012.

12-28-2011, 01:39
I'm planning to leave for Georgia on the 27th of March and spend the night near Dalton. I will begin my NOBO on the morning of the 28th of March. I am so excited! There are so many things I need to do...I'm driving myself insane!

01-02-2012, 17:39
Beginning on the 4th of March, heading NOBO.

01-03-2012, 14:40
Starting April 1st at Unicoi I don't see a point in redoing 50 miles I already did in 2011

01-03-2012, 17:28
How different are the SOBO dates from the NOBO dates. ?

01-03-2012, 19:51
Starting March 3rd.



Nice blog and journal. I been wanting to go for 2 yrs now and still have nothing planned. Best of luck to you and please keep your journal going.

01-03-2012, 20:45
I am starting my thru hike the last few days of February - most likely the 28th or 29th - thanks Bat :)


I was reading some of your journal today! You go girl!! Is there anything particular that we can send to your drop boxes that would help along the way?

02-18-2012, 15:16
i started jan 3rd at spinger. i came off the trail at fontana dam to take care of some things and to order a hammock. im heading back to fontana dam to continue on sunday. im slow so mybe ill see ya.