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12-06-2011, 09:41
To those that use a DD Frontline hammock, do you like or dislike the hammock? I'd like to know the pros and cons.



12-06-2011, 17:15
Hi there,

I have a Frontline and can compare it to a WBBB and BMBH. In my opinion it's good enough piece of kit.

Cons - a bit small for a 'big person', certainly by comparison with the BB, but if you're regular sized that's not an issue. Another 'con' is the stock suspension. I'm sure it's strong enough, but I think it would wick a lot of water into the hammock in the rain - and there's no built-in drip rings or anything like that. Final 'con' for me (that's also a 'pro' in a way) might be the need to fit a hammock ridge line or a line under your tarp to keep the bug netting away from your face.

Pros - a good priced hammock; comfortable hang if you're regular sized; two layers so you can fit a pad in there for insulation; good build quality (on the one I got, and I believe some previous comments referred to earlier models); zips on both sides to easy to get in/out; if you use a 'trail stick' on the bug net tabs, and suspend them from a tarp line, you get a lot of space and no enclosed feeling. Internal tabs on the bug net so you can fit an internal ridge line to hang stuff from.

I won't sell mine, despite having other hammocks now.

Hope that helps.


12-06-2011, 18:32
Thanks for the info

SoCal Mike
12-06-2011, 20:54
I was looking very hard at the Frontline. Great looking piece of gear. I feared it would be small for me at 6'1" and someone who moves around a lot at night. I opted for a Switchback from Tree to Tree. They have many similarities. I would certainly consider a DD for my kids, though. I think a lot of hangers love their DD.

SoCal Mike

12-06-2011, 21:19
I've only slept in mine a couple of dozen nites and this is my first and only hammock so I can't make any comparison to others but... IMHO

Seems to be good quality. Mine had a few loose thread ends here and there but after trimming them off no more showed up. Zippers all work flawlessly.
Double layer works - I put a windsheild sunscreen in between the layers and slept down to 40 degrees with a light synthetic bag over me.
Bugscreen can be spread out at the top - I use aluminum arrow shafts in the supplied loops.
Hammock can be flipped and used without the bugsreen - this is handy for lounging around during the day or use in bug free times.

I have changed the stock suspension to whoopie slings but haven't used them enough to form an opinion yet.
Whoopie slings can be made cheaply, but if you think you might change the Frontline suspension to webbing and cinch buckles you might be money ahead to buy something like the Blackbird already set up like that.

I am 6'5" and 190#. The hammock seems large enough for me but may be more comfortable for someone shorter.

Truth is - I haven't really slept comfortably yet in the hammock. If hung tightly as the maker suggests, the hammock really gives me shoulder squeeze. If hung loosely, I get a lot more room but also a ridge running from end to end right down the middle. I'm still looking for that middle ground where everything works.

Like I said, my hammock experience is limited - but - I was able to try a Clark NA for a few nites. When I can figure out a way to sneak $400+ out of the house and sneak in a new hammock, that's what I'll be camping with.

12-07-2011, 04:51
I have the DD Travel Hammock, but they are very similar. The Travel being made of waterproof nylon.

First off they are a very good price for a hammock packed with features. I find mine comfortable and practical. There are several other simple single layer hammocks out there with no mozzie net for more money.
DD are very efficient to deal with, and supply is very fast to Europe. The build quality is adequate, a few untidy seams, and a good number of lose threads, but nothing that effected the use of the hammock. These are mass produced items so one can't expect the attention to detail of the handmade individually built hammocks. But then we don't pay the price either.

First thing I did was replace the stock suspension with a set of whoopies and a pair of tree straps. Far less bulk and far quicker to set up. (The supply these on their site now as an extra.)

I tried their snake skin but found it very bulky, it is quicker and easier to just stuff the hammock into a dry sack, then to roll this sack down to compress it. The sack supplied doesn't last very long. This way I have less bulk in my pack in a waterproof bag.

I added four little chord zipper loops about 3' long, (I got in a camping store for pennies), to the zip pulls.. It is much easier to find them and close the zips this way.

When I use the mosquito net, I just tie off the shock chord to the tarp ridge line to hold it up. I keep meaning to make up a set of spreaders for the net, but so far I do as they say and push a piece of stick through.

I've done over 40 nights in it this year and have to say its been very comfy. I use with a DD 3x3 Tarp which again is very easy to set up.

I started of with a camp pad but was never really happy with it. It left cold spots and even in the pocket designed to take it I often found it moved and was hanging out. I've since bought as Snugpack underquilt, and it is excellent. Very warm down to 35°F (2°C). A little heavy at just over 1kg... but worth the expense. Faster to set up and very snug.

I started off pulling the hammock tight, but I also found that it just squeezed my shoulders too much. I now have found that if I slacken it off, but not so much as to get the ridge passinthru mentioned, I am more comfortable and can lie diagonally.

In resumé then for the money you get a very practical hammock that does what it says on the box.


12-07-2011, 08:46
I have the Green Hornet Hammock from the UK which is very similar to the DD Frontline Hammock. I also have a Claytor Jungle Hammock which is similar. Both the Green Hornet and the Claytor are nice hammocks, and I love the double bottom to slip in a reflector pad or a Poncho liner for insulation. It is very buggy in SC from spring and into fall, so the bugnet is wonderful. :boggle: The price is good for all that you get. It is the entire system, but the stock suspension definitely needs changed. The Green Hornet has spreader bars which are nice, and I plan on getting arrow shafts as mentioned in an earlier thread to put on my Claytor. I love that they both have a zipper on both sides, so it can be tied up to the ridgeline and out of the way when there are no bugs trying to digest you. :D
I recently got a HHDJ set-up from a forum member, so my Claytor and Green Hornet may go to the grandkids, or I may sell them. I do really like them and don't want to sell them, but I have entirely too many hammocks, and the hubby is noticing. :scared:

Good luck with your purchase whichever hammock you choose.

12-07-2011, 09:57
I have been very pleased with my Frontlines.
I liked the first one so much that I had to buy a second one to loan out, so mine doesn't get messed up. :D

12-10-2011, 11:52
:)its a great hammock.dd frontline rocks.i love mine,:cool:neo