View Full Version : Stuffed Orca and LHBRDL size?

12-28-2011, 15:06
Hey all, was hoping someone could give me an idea about the stuffed size or the LHBRDL and the Baby Orca. Was going to pull the trigger on these for their weight but I didn't know how small they were in their stuff sack. I searched but can't seem to find the stuff sack dimensions.


12-28-2011, 18:10

12-28-2011, 19:25
you rock my world, thanks a bunch man!

12-28-2011, 21:28
just purchased the Light Hiker Bedroll DL. Got the Honey Brown. Kinda unsure of the color I should get, everything else I have is black/orange or grey. But blue or green didn't seem to go with any of those either... Can't wait for this though, hoping to get my 3 season sleep system down to about 3.5 lbs! That orca looks awesome too but gonna have to wait on the funds. Thanks again for the pics Joey

12-29-2011, 19:26
You won't be disappointed with the LHBR or Baby Orca. They are my go to for light weight hiking from April-early October.

The IX is great for summer use after a sweaty day of hiking. It doesn't absorb moisture, like down does, if I take a mid-day, out of the heat, nap. Down is more cozy feeling, but IX handles moisture way better!


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12-29-2011, 21:17
Thanks for the info Joey! I've been thinking about the Orca as well...I'm a March to October hanger...