View Full Version : Thinking of getting s DD xl Tarp for my hennessy for winter use

01-10-2012, 18:52
I am lookin for a winter tarp and am looking at the dd xl tarp to cover my hennessy. i have a FL leighlo underquilt and am planning to use my old colman catalic heater under the tarp for heating. the quilt is a 20 deg down quilt.

Just wondering peoples opinions of this. i figure that i should not have a problem with the fumes from the heater as the tarp will have no floor and i could stake it out so that the thrap edges are not touching the ground. fold in the ends to form doors but leave a gap to let some air in.

i found a supplier in canada for the XL tarp and the price and shipping ar right at 99.99 and frre shipping.

or should i just go with my other planand make a tarp from a canvas painters tarp that is 12x 11.

01-10-2012, 19:04
I've looked at the DD myself but thinking more for the shoulder seasons. I don't know anything about that heater and i would research that carefully. . I would be more comfortable with a small wood heater. You will get condensation with the DD when its cold out that you won't get with canvas. Many yrs ago i use to heat my nylon tent with a propane light . It worked for short periods of time but i do recall condensation.


01-10-2012, 19:25
I have the DDhammocks XL tarp. It's a great tarp. I am using it with my Papa Smurf XL Roaming Gnome. The hammock is almost 12ft long, so the tarp is great. Lots of tie off points, so the ends can be closed as doors in winter. It is fairly heavy, and they call it an XL for a reason! =-O
I don't think you'd be disappointed with it in the least.

01-25-2012, 21:47
Just ordered an XL tarp from DD for winter use. Also trying out a 'seconds' traveller hammock, for 1/2 price.

Now anxiously awaiting...

01-30-2012, 01:26
I got the XL & 3x3 but I don't think I'll be using the 3x3 since the XL covers awesomley, yes it's a word

02-06-2012, 20:38

This is my first youtube post, and am still a neophyte. So please don't laugh too hard at the saggy ridge line, and the crappy rope. I just wanted to experiment doing a vid.

06-20-2012, 06:55
A bit late, but I got as well a dd xl (4x3meters) and a standard 3x3 meters tarp.
Very happy with it, used it many times in all weather conditions, never failed.
And although i made lighter tarps myself, i can not help myself taking the 3x3 with me as a backup :-)
Under the 4x3 once we hanged with 3 hammocks in a big storm, and all was good.