View Full Version : DD frontline vs. switch back

02-10-2012, 00:39
I decided on a dd as a compromise between the Clark UL and the HH type but
I stumbled onto the switch back 1.9 DBL and is wondering if it's worth the extra cash.. They look fairly similar to me anything I should know?

02-16-2012, 05:49
Mate, I've got a Frontline it's good to go. From what I can see they are basically the same. Worth more than twice the price? I seriously doubt it

02-16-2012, 19:11
Compare the sizes of these hmmks to one another and against your own size.

How much would you value a well-made king-sized mattress set compared to a well-made single?

I would guess that someone who slept solidly and without interruption on the diagonal in a large hammock like the switchback would know after one night if he/she could adapt to a smaller hammock, and if he couldn't get comfortable, would rather not go through the adaptation.

Going the other way, say from the smaller (96x48) Clark, there are some who have an "Ahah!!" experience the first night in a switchback or WB and would never go back.

02-17-2012, 06:16
The DD is a fraction wider but a little shorter meaning the diagonal lay would be easier to acheive. Obviously it's up to the individual but if I had to buy without trying I'd take the cheaper of similar options

02-17-2012, 18:32
JMO, but these two hammock do not lay the same.

While both are technically what I would call a cinched-end, there is something about the Switchback that makes if feel more like a gathered-end. The DD Frontline is my favorite of that class; Claytors & Clarks. The Frontline is a bit easier to get slightly diagonal in than Claytors or Clarks, which probably is the reason for my preference. The Switchback, OTH, is very easy to get diagonal. I like both of these hammocks very much. The Frontline is probably a bit more durable and the Switchback is probably a better choice for a person the prefers a diagonal sleeping position. But, either of these hammocks will be a good purchase. Both shops are run by excellent folks as well, so can't even use that as a tie-breaker.