View Full Version : AT temps in Virginia beginning of May

03-20-2012, 12:11
I am wanting to get some opinions on expected temps through Shenandoah and north to Harper's Ferry at the beginning of May. My research says averages would be mid 70s and mid 40s with the lowest records in the mid 30s. Given the above average warmth so far this year in most of the country what are the thoughts on a 20* bag vs a 45* bag. I was leaning towards the 45* bag with some layers just in case, but after reading some other posts I am rethinking (maybe overthinking) it and wanting some experienced opinions. With layers I can be comfortable in my 45* bag to the high 30s. Thanks.

03-20-2012, 14:54
I live just a few miles north of Harpers Ferry and those temps will probably be right or a little low for there. However, they should be a little lower than that on the ridges in the Shenandoah. IN A NORMAL YEAR, which this hasn't shaped up to be.....:confused: