View Full Version : A big thanks to DD hammocks and Penny

shambling shaman
05-23-2012, 07:08
I know this has been said before, but over the last week or so I have order quite a bit of stuff from DD and have cause to contact sales/customer service - Not I might add for any wrong doing on DD's part, but from my own disjointed and haphazard ordering

Any way Penny looked after me and my convoluted order and as per usual every thing arrived in quick order :)

Thanks Penny, and DD hammocks :thumbup1:

Angus in Wyoming
05-23-2012, 12:16
Penny was awesome on my orders too. I am living in Sweden, paid with paypal on my American account, and had them ship to my place of work. It was perfect!

08-08-2012, 22:04
Just got my 2012 Frontline/Sock/ & Tarp 2 days ago.. Spoke to Penny as well, Great Gal...

P.S. Hey everyone!
That was actually my first hammock and will be testing it out Friday night....