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06-26-2012, 18:38
As I'm preparing for my 2013 At Thru hike my shelter is the next on the chopping block.
As of now through many hours of searching, reading, watching information on here/youTube I think I have my setup.
But before I make the final checkout i thought id get some insite.

BIAS WWM + SuSpension - 10 oz
Zpack Cuben hex Tarp - 6.5 oz
Papasmurf bugsock - 2 oz

Im going to get a DL with adjustable and knotty mods so I know weight will vary a little (Still waiting for a reply on the total weight of that setup!)

I considered the WBBB but the extra weight isn't worth the shelf to me.
I'm 6' 145 lbs (Can I get a string bean?!?)

Ill be buying a Walmart ccf and doing a hot glue mod to it.
No plans for a uq right now, but 3/4 underground Is probably my choice if I go that route.

I have a REI igneo bag for my hike

Opinions? Something Im mIssing?

Coming frOm a Onelink, this is Exciting!

06-26-2012, 19:03
The tulle bugsock is delicate.

06-26-2012, 19:15
What Rooster said.

Also make sure the tarp ridgeline is long enough to cover your Bias hammock Depending on the expected weather, you'll want 8" inches or more over each end.

Not sure what this hot glue mod is with your pad but doesn't sound like something I would do.

Good luck with your setup.


kayak karl
06-26-2012, 19:25
what time of year are you going?

06-26-2012, 20:25
I would also add one more recommendation on rethinking the tulle.

Not sure what this hot glue mod is with your pad but doesn't sound like something I would do.

I think he's talking about putting hot glue on the bottom of the pad to give it rubbery spots which keep it from sliding around in the hammock. As far as that goes I would just try it without first to see if you need it.

And if you haven't already considered it maybe think about cutting the pad to 3/4ths length unless you need the whole thing.

06-26-2012, 21:06
SUL? Go with one of DeJohna's HUG's for your bug net. Don't have to go with tulle to save the grams.

06-26-2012, 21:13
I hope I don't miss anyone's:
I'm goinge in March (right after my bonus check!)

I know tulle is delicate, so I will look into some alternatives.

ZThe glue mod is to prevent slip;, only doing that if nessecary

3/4 pad is defiantly an option. I plan on staying in shelters sometimes too so I'm not 100% decided.

Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes my iPhone is NOT cooperating.

06-26-2012, 21:37
3/4 pad is defiantly an option. I plan on staying in shelters sometimes too so I'm not 100% decided.

You can put your pack under your feet if you go with 3/4.

06-26-2012, 21:38
I am also doing a thru hike in 2013,but I am taking a different approach I went with durability and comfort Because I believe or should I say what i think will work for me .I would rather carry a little more weight in the beginning to be comfortable and get a good nights rest, If it gets very cold " I plan on being as warm and rested as possiable for a new day ,then when it warms I can just mail the heavier gear home and switch out for my lighter gear. Im carrying

WBBB 1.7 SL /whoopies 19oz
Superfly tarp 22oz
yeti U/Q 18.50z & Topquilt 26oz

Total 5.3 lbs..... yep kinda heavy but very comfortable ....

Then I will switch out for top/under quilts(Diy 20oz for both) and tarp(DIY cuben) 8oz but will keep the WBBB for a total shelter weight of 2.9lbs not to bad IMO

Sorry for rambling ...lol

06-26-2012, 21:49
No I love the input!

I get Like 4-6 hours of sleep ten work outside for 16 hours a day now, so sleep is a thing of the past. If it bothers me terribly I have money set aside for gear while I'm on the trail.

WBBB is so tempting, but bias Wmm seems like the most fitting to me.

06-26-2012, 22:24
I think I'm going to go 3/4 to save some weight.
Thanks for the input!

I'll have to look into a different bugnet.
I was just assuming bugs would only be an issue for a month or two.

Detail Man
06-26-2012, 22:27
A blue pad will be marginal insulation at best in the Smokies in March/April. Temps are very unpredictable that time of year in the southern mtns, especially higher up.

A pad will work better in a DL hammock, but there's no reason you couldn't go with a single layer 1.1 to save some weight.

06-27-2012, 00:29
It's a 2 oz choice.
If I buy a DL how hard is it to remove the 2nd layer?

I'd rather buy it and try it, if I don't need it just take it off.

06-27-2012, 03:22
Also looking into nano 7s. Smaller but I think I'm light enough that it won't stretch too bad. I've read success stories of much heftier people using them.

It could also shave a few ounces.

Gear Gramming is a horrible horrible addiction. :P

06-27-2012, 05:32
I am 5'9" and weigh 190 and I can sleep comfortably in the Nano 7.

The WWM vs the Nano 7 weight wise is comparable.

With the Nano 7 you can use a smaller tarp.

The WWM has a much longer ridgeline.

Cranky Bear
06-27-2012, 10:00
FWIW I have been using a Tulle bug sock from PapaSmurf for almost 3 yrs now with not one issue! Yes everyone's right Tulle is more fragile than some other offerings, but here's an idea, it's a UL piece of gear and should be treated as such, so, don't drag it down the trail, or stand on it, or grab and rip it open! Sure it's not like a 2' thick bug net that could stand up to a atomic blast or anything!

Also many Long Distance hikers have done many LD hikes with a UL and even a SUL gear set!

Be it known, I have not Thru'd "yet", so take my advise FWIW, I am only a lowly section hiker with a couple hundred miles done....

With regard to the Nano, I have one and found that I like to lay on more of a diagonal than the hammock could accommodate and my feet kept popping out (I am 5'9 194# for reference), but I have a friend thats taller than I am and loves his Nano (Stormcrow be his name), now I don't think he uses a ridgeline and I think he sleeps more centerline so that may account for it all??????

IMO I think you would be more comfortable in the Bias like you listed in your first post, but, only with trial will you know whats right or not for you, and with that said I have a Nano that I'd be willing to sell to you just send me a PM and we can talk!

Many still use pads, Srg Rock (and many others) still do if memory serves (which is always up for debate) me personally I find a UQ much more comfy (I have used pad's before)! But to give you an idea you could get a 3 season Yeti which weighs in at 12.5oz, and get a Gossamer Gear pad to supplement during the colder times (for only an additional couple ounces), also the GG pad could serve you as a ground pad, and depending on your pack you could have it be your packs frame, so it could be multi-use, and the GG pad is going to be lighter than a z-rest, also (since I own some GG pads I can attest to this) they are slightly sticky (almost annoyingly so) on a hammocks fabric, so you wouldn't have to add the glue mod... I always carry a pad with me, but it serves as my packs frame and I use it as a supplement if temps drop colder than expected! It also serves as my sit pad, and if the worst should happen I could sleep on the ground with it :scared:

Either way good luck with your decision, hammocks are a very personal thing and you will find that you will get varying opinions on the subject of what better or worse, but everyone will agree on one thing though......they are more comfortable than being on the ground :D

lazy river road
06-27-2012, 10:44
Even though I have not thru hiked so take my info FWIW. I have my base weight down to 8.5lbs which could comfortably take me down to just below 40. If I were to drop the 21oz WBBB 1.1 DBL I could shave another half pound but I like the comfort of it. I am looking into a custom hammock that a gracious forum member is working up for me now so well see how that one goes but I have high hopes for it. I have also been using a tulle bug net for over 2 years and it has no signs of wear. Just like my cuben and 7D items I treat it with care. Here are the items I use so you can compare them to yours. Hope it helps

Hammock Gear Hex Tarp/lines/Stuff Sack 5.70
Suspension/4 Steaks/25ft cord/1 extra dynaglide woopie 5.50
WBBB 1.1 DBL 21.00
40 UQ/50 TQ 16.90

if you shoot me a PM with your email address Id be more then happy to email you my pack list for my Long Trail hike this summer.

06-27-2012, 21:48
My bugnet choice will be highly dependent on what hammock I finally buy.
Nano and WWM are the two battleing.

I'm not even quite sure how much difference of weight there is between the two.
For a DL + Sus + knotty mod = 17oz for WWM

That is ridgeline and all I believe.

I sent you my email, a gearlist to compare would be great!

06-27-2012, 22:08
Looks like hammock gear > zPack for a 1.3 ounce weight saving!

Any reason not to make that switch?

06-28-2012, 09:23
My problem with the Nano was feet and pillow-substitute both going over the edge during the night. Yes the pillow/stuffsack was tied to the RL so it was easy to retrieve but I was waking up too often to do that. As has been mentioned, if you can sleep in line, or hang the Nano tighter than other hammocks, then you are good in it. I opted to carry a little more, not a lot more weight. I too am only a section hiker, but I backpacked 1100 miles last year.

I second the concern about tarp length and the 9 feet 1.5 inch ridgeline length of the WWM (83% of 11 feet). Test that in wet, windy weather between now and the start of your hike. You might just hang the rig in a safe place without sleeping in it and check it for wetness early the next morning.

As others mentioned, can you carry slightly heavier gear for the first month, expecting to exchange it later for smaller and lighter summer gear?

06-28-2012, 10:22
Another option to stay with the shorter tarp: what kind of rain gear are you using?

The reason I ask is that a poncho (one that actually opens all the way up along the sides, like the GI poncho or the GoLite poncho/tarp) can be rigged as an improv Grizz beak. Then, all that's needed is to pick a site where you can hang the foot end of the hammock into the prevailing wind and put the poncho up as the beak.

I've a short video on how I do that with mine (since making the video, I've added grosgrain loops at the shoulders of the tarp so that I can run some line from the bottom of the beak to the tree on that side if the wind is really blowing):


Hope it helps!

06-28-2012, 10:37
Here is my setup and I'm 6'3 240 lbs

shelter : ounces : Hammock trip List Ultra light - 3 season

sleeping bag :14 : hammock gear top quilt burrow Long 50deg
hammock :27 : hennessy Explorer light
under quilt :23 : Jarks R Better
tarp : 8 : HMG cuben tarp
straps :4 : Rappel rings webbing
stakes : 2 : ti stakes

I weighted all my gear with a ounce scale at home so the weights should be accurate enough. I tried to go with the most comfortable light weight and convinent gear I could find. I hiked half the AT with gear twice as heavy, and plan another thru hike soon. I figure if you are smaller you can cut some weight down with a smaller hammock save oz, blue foam sleeping pad 8-10 oz instead of under qulit, or a Grand trunk nano-7 hammock 7.4 oz with a bug net another 8 oz.

But I like my setup for easy setup, comfort... and durablility

good luck

06-28-2012, 15:04
Yeah I can switch to summer gear. What do you suggest I look into switching?

I'm going to use agg ul jacket and Zpack kilt.

I have my REI igneo bag, is it worth switching to a tq?

06-29-2012, 19:18
Looking for opinions on UQ/TQ Setups that are Lightweight and around 40*

I will probably switch to a lower rated UQ for cold temps, and vary my top layers by what i wear while sleeping, so try to use some gear for multipurpose.

Looking into options that people have already posted and starting to compare, if any of the Hammock Vets out there want to chime in I'd love the help!

06-29-2012, 21:28
I came up with these as my options:

TeWa Breeze UQ - For Warm Weather - 10 oz
HammockGear Burrow (M50??) -~13 oz

Any opinions?

06-29-2012, 22:36
I came up with these as my options:

TeWa Breeze UQ - For Warm Weather - 10 oz
HammockGear Burrow (M50??) -~13 oz

Any opinions?

I have a 20* set from hammockGear, a burrow and a phoenix, that are M50. They are my prize piece of equipment. Very lightweight and very compressible. They are in the bottom of my pack at the moment for a trip I am leaving for in the morning, but when I get back Sunday I will put them in their stuff sacks and weigh them. I can't say enough great things about them though. The phoenix I find very easy to adjust and haven't had a problem yet with cold spots or drafts after the initial set up. Sorry for the rant, I am just very pleased with these pieces of equipment. I will get back to you Sunday.

06-29-2012, 22:47
Yes Please let me know!
Im very glad to hear your pleased with them, i think they are going to be the right choice for me!

06-29-2012, 22:54
Yes Please let me know!
Im very glad to hear your pleased with them, i think they are going to be the right choice for me!

Yeah you honestly can't go wrong with them. Besides being great quality, working with them is just as good. If you want to send me your email I will take some pics while I have it set up this weekend on my WBBB along with pics of them on the scale.

Cranky Bear
06-30-2012, 09:46
Those are great quilts you have decided on, I will say that I own a great deal of HG quilts and every single one is as near to perfect as can be, but I will say that depending on your size and how you sleep (flat on back, side, flip/flop) you might want to have it widened slightly if you are planning on sleeping on the ground (in shelters) to prevent drafts... Unless you have prior experience with quilts?

FWIW Adam (Stormcrow) the Guru at HG is awesome to deal with, and he will help you as much as he possibly can, he's also got a lot of experience, so my recommendation is give him a ring and pick his brain (don't be let down if he doesn't answer as he's usually extremely busy).

06-30-2012, 12:26
:thumbs up: for HG
I was talking to a fellow member who has a custom HG tq/ya setup that's sub 17oz
I like!