View Full Version : Anyone Tried DD pre 2012 and post 2012 model?

07-25-2012, 08:55
I don't mind the DD it is deffinatly the most versitile hammock out there for what it can do. This was my first hammock I ever had and I still have it. But I want to review the newer model as I heard it has some significant changes that increases the comfort substantially. DD makes really tough gear that appears like it can withstand anything!

Has anyone ever tried the older model and the newer model who can provide a comparison?

07-27-2012, 08:35
Well, I only have the pre-2012, and have never tried the new one, but from what I can tell from the website, the only changes are the color of the netting, the spreader bars are now included, and some tieouts have been added for going to ground if needed. It appears that the size and weight are the same.
As for those improvements - DIY spreaders can be easily made, small eyelets or web loops can be added to the sides easily.
It seems to me that the only improvement that could not be easily done would be changing the netting. The black would probably be nicer but I don't really mind the green.
Another 'improvement' that I made to mine was to add a few extra strips of velcro along the open side to keep things in place better.
If I were in the market, I would get the new one. But it doesn't look like enough of a change for me to want to 'trade up'.
But, I see they now offer their tarps in something other than green or camo. Now that I might 'trade up' for :D

03-17-2013, 20:49
I have used both. They both lay the same. The little poles give the new black bug net a nice squared open area to sit/lay in. The black netting does give a bit better view than the green but it wasn't a huge factor for me anyhow.
I spent 12 nights last summer in my DD Travel 2012 and I have nothing but praise for the design. 2 thunderstorms, 1 BAD rainstorm and many,many comfortable sleeps.