View Full Version : "Loner" (HF=SnakeSession) on the AT now in Maine

10-03-2012, 13:50
Loner ("SnakeSession" on HF) has more videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/Loner2012AT/videos) uploaded from his AT thru - current latest vid (#120) he's in Caratunk, ME...
In #114, his Nano 7 failed and ripped out across the bottom...

10-03-2012, 13:58
I have been watching Loners videos for a while now. His clips are fairly short, so I can watch 3 or 4 in a row while taking breaks at work. He seems pretty down to earth and I have enjoyed his posts. I am up to the mid 80s in his AT hike.


10-03-2012, 17:45
Have been subscribed to him for a while now and was patiently awaiting more vids. Too bad about his hammock that's for sure. I'm guessing his gf either left hers or brought him another one?

I was totally thinking about switching my 1.1dbl for a single to save weight but after seeing that, I'm having second thoughts.:scared:

10-03-2012, 19:22
Ive been watching as well and I love the vids you can tell he has been pretty bumed out right now sense his girlfriend left hopefully he can tuff it out good luck loner

Caribou Bentspoke
10-04-2012, 13:40
I wondered what happened, the videos just stopped a month ago. I was wondering if a superlight hammock could survive a thru hike, this confirms my hunch that more weight (heavier fabric) is better.

10-04-2012, 13:53
In a youtube message he said that he submitted last Friday.

10-04-2012, 14:07
Yea he summited on the 28th and has all his video's up to date. Seems like a great guy

10-04-2012, 14:51
Yea he summited on the 28th and has all his video's up to date. Seems like a great guy

I really enjoyed watching his videos this season.
Congrats and good to know he's a HF member too!

10-08-2012, 18:52
Watched his videos since the beginning. Congrats on summiting!

10-21-2012, 15:33
Just started watching today. Got to #33 then motivated me to go work on some unfinished DIY projects. Thanks loner.

02-27-2013, 19:23
Thanks for the post and comments everyone. The videos were a lot of fun and learned a lot about hammocks over the 5 1/2 months!

The Grand Trunk Nano 7 did the job for 4 months straight and to be honest I was very ruff on it and think the failure was because of the zipper on my WM bag. (first rule of hammocking! - no zippers!) It showed no signs of wear till it was too late. Glad that did not happen hanging over rocks, on the side of cliff, or over water!

My mother forwarded my other hammock for the rest of the trip. A Grand Trunk ultralite. Me and my girlfriend fit fine all snuggled up for the week but I did beef up the suspension.

Think either would work fine for ultralight hikers on the AT but most others would like something alittle more heavy. And have a bug net sent along in the summer months.

Thanks again, Jeff aka Loner

02-27-2013, 20:15
Thanks Loner, good to hear from you, enjoyed all your video's and hope your happily married now and doing good

02-27-2013, 23:12
Thanks for the update Jeff - I really enjoyed watching your videos.