View Full Version : minus 40 degree CWM Marmot Sleeping bag - never used

10-20-2012, 16:03
I'm selling this minus 40 for $450 shipped to CONUS. Marmot's minus 20 degree bag is about $650.

It has never been used as a sleeping bag. I only occasionally opened as a quilt on top of a bed. It has always been stored in its big cotton bag that lets it loft.

As a feature, you can offset the price of this bag by making bets on how long it takes to put it in its stuff sack. Or take a video of friends trying to stuff it and submit it to Funniest Home Videos. Marmot uses the same stuff sack for this -40 bag as they provide with their -20 bag. It's like wrestling a boa constrictor.

So, a word to the wise - if you aren't using this as a monster quilt and car camping, I suggest buying a larger "backpack" stuff sack.

I bought this with the idea of winter camping and never was in an environment cold enough to require it - but I sleep pretty warm.

Marketing words: The Marmot CWM Sleeping Bag - Down minus 40 Degree, was built for extreme conditions found in places like Alaska and the Himalayas, so you know it'll keep you snug. The Welsh word for cirque or hanging valley is Cwm, like those you'll find in rugged mountains where this bag feels at home.

10-21-2012, 14:18
Okay - a lot of people have looked at this so I'll drop the price to $425. In the next day or two I'll post a photo so you can see the loft.

10-22-2012, 20:42
I would really like to see some pictures of the bag.

10-23-2012, 17:34
Here are photos of the bag. I'll try to put it in its stuff sack for shipping but it has always been store in the larger bag.

10-23-2012, 19:25
WOW! That looks like a great warm bag!- Especially for a topquilt!!!
Is this the regular or long length? This is down; correct? Also, what model year is it?

10-23-2012, 20:19
Very nice bag. I am so tempted right now! I should but I shouldn't.

10-23-2012, 21:46
Yes it is down - I believe 800 fill. And it is regular length. I bought the bag many years ago. But it has never been used as a sleeping bag, taken outside, etc. Occasionally I'd open it up as a quilt, just to let it loft or show it off.

I've entertained my friends by trying to put it in the stuff sack Marmont provided (same size that they used for their -20 bag).

The outer shell is Gore Dryloft:
DryLoft Fabric - from WI Gore is a windproof, water-resistant and extremely breathable fabric technology engineered specifically for insulated products. DryLoft fabric allows garments to loft better and stay drier inside while resisting moisture and convective heat loss from the outside.

information on marmot's current CWM model - which costs about $700 - can be found here: http://www.marmotmountain.com/MMWmain.asp?Option=Detail&StyleID=10007589

Again, this is an older model but it has been living in it's large storage sack for years. I used to be an active mountain climber and was acquiring quality gear when I bought it. But these days I'd rather carry 80 lbs in my kayak than 40 lbs on my back.

I'm posting the sleeping bag here because if someone likes to winter camp in a hammock, and/or they need something really warm. And this bag is really, really, really warm.