View Full Version : TQ & UQ Degree question for AT thruhike 2013

10-26-2012, 17:17
First Post!!! I'm wanting to purchase an UQ & TQ soon, but I'm not sure what degree combination I should use for my thru. I'll be starting mid March, and I know how cold the weather can get here in the Smokies...I was looking at doing the HammockGear 3/4 0 Degree UQ, and doing a 40 Degree TQ in hopes of being able to mix and match what I'll use depending on the weather. Not sure if this is a good idea and am looking for opinions! Thanks!

kayak karl
10-26-2012, 17:59
everyone is different. a carried a 20 degree top and bottom in march. you might consider a 20 bottom and 40 top if you are not going to swap out up the trail.

SGT Rock
10-26-2012, 18:22
I started in Jan and went with a 30 top and bottom with a pad for more range and sleeping options. I went down to the single digits with that and some clothing but never went to ground.

10-29-2012, 16:30
Thank you guys. If anyone has any more advice I'd love to hear it! This website has really helped me out, has loads of information! Looking forward to March!

10-29-2012, 17:04
Best Wishes for your max adventure 2013. Please be sure to keep us anchored wannabees informed. Gosh I love my WBBB.:):):)

11-11-2012, 20:09
Here is Loners setup. He just completed. Has the entire thru video documented.