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12-10-2008, 16:29
In consideration the growth of HF and many of the developments that are shaping it, the moderators have decided that the time has come to implement some guidelines for selling and commerce on the forum. As follows -

1. Hammock Forums is a place for the free and impartial exchange of ideas, and any direct involvement in a vendor's operations calls that impartiality into question. Therefore, HF will not be used to conduct transactions for businesses. Members are still encouraged to help other members by helping with modifications, sewing DIY gear, etc...even for a small fee. Moderators will use their discretion to determine if a member's "help" has become a business. If so, the moderators will request that the member find another means to conduct transactions, and the member will be subject to these vendor guidelines.

2. For these guidelines, a vendor includes someone who consistently sells gear for profit and publicly advertises the fact. A member who occasionally makes gear for other members, even for a small fee, is not considered a vendor. A vendor is not restricted to the owner of the business; representatives, sales personnel, and anyone receiving compensation from the company are considered vendors. Moderators will use their discretion in applying this definition.

3. Vendors will clearly identify their associations with businesses in their signature blocks, preferably with website links.

4. Product and sales announcements, and discussing your products are encouraged. Product and sales announcements must be made in your own sub-forum where possible. Commenting on your products is fine in the general discussion forums, but please do this with discretion and do not allow it to become spam. Please ensure your posts in the general forums add useful information to the discussion; posts that are nothing more than advertisements may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

5. Vendors will not directly criticize another vendor or their products. This includes asking pointed questions with the intent to highlight shortcomings.

6. Vendors will not discuss their own products in threads or forums devoted to other vendors or their products. A short answer to a question posed by a member is acceptable, but if the user continues to derail the thread then please begin a new thread in your own sub-forum.

Unless you are a source manufacturer, or your mix of products centers around a hammock specific product manufactured by your company, HF does not allow the marketing activities of retailers. You are welcome to post and take part in discussions, but please refrain from soliciting HF members in the public threads. Any abusive PMing or emailing of product offerings will not be tolerated and your membership shall be revoked if such activities are reported to the moderators or administrators of this site.

Note: These rules are not intended to restrict members from selling gear in the "For Sale" forum unless the member is running a business, promoting his products in the other forums, etc.