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12-23-2008, 18:30
Well, I sure appreciate all the 'thank yous' I've received, buuuuuuuut my life just got real easy and so did yours...I think. :)

Ed has offered a deal that I just can't pass-up. I've copied the email below, but here is the jist of it. Anybody who wants to order some down via hammock forums has until January 31, 2009 to place your order.

You will need to do it by email to the Speers; the deal is not available thru the website ordering page.

In that email you will need to specifically mention that you are part of the "Hammock Forums Group Buy" and that you are qualifying for the 20% discount.

Also, include your quantity and shipping address. Be nice and put your email address in the body too, just to make Ed's life easier.

The Speers will then send a PayPal invoice directly to you. Buyers wanting to pay with check or MO can mail their orders directly to Ed with payment. Just be sure to include the fact that you are part of the "Hammock Forums Group Buy".

Here is the email I received:


Thanks for your efforts in organizing the down orders on the Hammock Forum—you’ve done well! As we discussed, Speer Hammocks is offering Hammock Forum members 20% off our 3.1 oz bags of 900 fill down—that’s $6 off the regular price of $30, making the price of each bag only $24! Of course this assumes you have arranged the purchase of at least 20 bags, which you seem to have greatly exceeded already. To help you with the process, Speer Hammocks is willing to take the individual orders & ship to each customer. In other words, we’ll run the special 20% discount from now till Jan 31, 2009. But Hammock Forum customers must email us to place orders—don’t place your order online as the special discount will not be available there. In your email, be sure & mention the special 20% discount & include your full shipping address. We’ll send a PayPal email invoice which can be paid via your credit card. Anyone wishing to pay via check can mail their order. Speer Hammocks won’t advertize this discount, so it will only be available to Hammock Forum members. So all you need to do Cannibal is let the Forum members know that they can order anytime between now & Jan 31.

Deliveries to North Carolina addresses will incur state taxes, which are 6.75%. Deliveries to other states will not need to pay any state taxes. We will add S&H charges to each order. Shipping within the US is via USPS Priority Mail—expect 2-3 business day delivery. Rates are: 1-2 bags, $6.50; 3-8 bags, $8.50; 9-11 bags, $11.50; 12-15 bags, $13.00.

International shipping is via USPS Priority Mail International—expect 6-10 business day delivery to most countries. We ship to most but not all countries and rates vary greatly, so email us for a quote. Although we seldom have problems, Speer Hammocks cannot guarantee overseas delivery; international customers pay insurance, customs duties & assume all other responsibility in the event of non-delivery.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions…..Ed

Speer Hammocks Inc
Quality Hammocks for Adventure Camping
3947 Mudcut Rd
Marion, NC 28752

www.SpeerHammocks.com (http://www.SpeerHammocks.com)
[email protected]"

Just how cool is Ed Speers? Those of you that have already put a check or MO in the mail to me (shouldn't be many because I haven't even told you the shipping price until now) just let me know. When it arrives I will either shred it or return it to you; just tell me your preference. I'm sure Ed appreciates the business and I want to offer one last "thank you" to Peter Pan for suggesting that we go thru Ed. Thanks Pan!

Oh, I almost forgot. Schneiderlein, you cost me an extra $2 for shipping by goading me into that extra bag. Revenge will be mine! :laugh: