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04-02-2013, 14:05
Just about to purchase a 1.9DL switchback but I have a few issues I hope users will enlighten me on. First, I'm a big guy, 6'3" and 265....ish, I've been reading a lot here about bigger guys needing an 11ft hammock and wide, any of you having problems with the 10ft SB? Another concern is weight, it is 3lbs, just the hammock, no suspension and I see some 11ft double layer hammocks that are lighter. The biggie right now is cost, $220.00 for just the SB, the suspension is extra, again bigger/wider double layer hammocks are cheaper. Ok, now convince me that I have nothing to worry about here and can pull the trigger on a SB, thanks in advance. Jolly

04-02-2013, 14:12
1.9dl is overkill. 1.1dl would be more than enough for your weight and would give you a lighter hammock. Not sure if the sb comes in that option.

04-02-2013, 14:15
Been hanging for five years, about your size, in considerably less sometimes, with no problem. I would not worry about the weight issue at all. 2 layers of 1.9 is strong. Some high quality straps and buckles or whoopies with straps and you are good to go.

Just remember, never hang any farther up than you are willing to fall. I always think about that when I hang my hammock. I also spend a lot of time looking up for any potential hazards.

As far as cost, that is something you have to evaluate. Just think of the number of nights per year you will spend in it and the number of years you will have it, divide that into the cost and see if that is a number that is reasonable for a good night of rest and all the joys of hanging. :boggle: My guess is you will come to a conclusion that favors the $ spent.

04-02-2013, 15:03
I'm pretty big like you Jolly and I have no problems with my DIY 1.9 single layer. I do spend most of my hang time in my DIY 1.9 double though as it is a bit longer. I made the DL because I wanted to be able to use a pad in between the layers if needed. You should be good to go with 1.9

04-02-2013, 18:00
Really looking for some input from Switchback 1.9DL bigger size owners on fit, thanks

04-02-2013, 21:52
6'4" 265 ish. My SB 1.9 single is consistently the most comfortable hammock I've owned, and I've owned several. I don't even notice that its more narrow.

04-02-2013, 23:36
Jolly, I am 6'2" 350 lbs and I purchased my sw 1.9dl last year its been great for a few reasons the hammock is bomb proof and with the ring suspension which is 1.5" wide strap it sets up easy And not much fiddle factor. Hangs tight think twenty degree angle. Comfort is outstandingly above. But it is narrow and can get some shoulder squeeze. Love the netting and it's got great visibility. I just got the rw mod from 2qzq which is even sweeter. Overall lighter than then my db72 and while it's it works in any weather it is also strong enough for ground if needed, and the sweet spot is automatic -it is narrow for the shoulders and to keep quilts contained inside is a task but the netting is strong so no worries there. We'll worth the money and unless your doing a long hike its not overkill. One of my favorites. In my back yard waiting for me now actually. I have a review from last year on you tube its switchback 1.9 review. Goodluck

bear bag hanger
04-03-2013, 07:51
For reasons unknown, Tree to Tree doesn't include weight restrictions for their hammocks. Here is a chart from Dream Hammocks that is probably useful for other hammocks as well:
Plus, if you haven't purchased yet, you should look at these hammocks. I've had both and like the Dream Hammocks a little better, but either is pretty good.

04-03-2013, 21:53
I love Papas chart, but TTTG does list weight recommendations under the specs for each hammock. I know I slightly above the 1.9S rec, but I'm soooo comfortable with it...

04-29-2014, 18:52
I know I am answering an old thread, but for those who are asking the same question, I have two hammocks I regularly use... The SWB 1.9DL, which is my favorite, and the DD frontline, which I also use, especially when my wife takes the SWB first! Guess which one she wants the most??? I am 6'2", and range in weight from 275 down to 250, depending if I am eating correctly :lol: I fit in BOTH hammocks, but am more comfortable in the SWB (The DD is 8.89 feet long, as opposed to 10 ft for the SWB)