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Downhill Trucker
04-09-2013, 19:51
Half pint and I are doing an overnight on Saturday April 13 on top of Pole Steeple in Pine Grove Furnace State Park. We are getting there around noon and leaving Sunday morning.

Pole Steeple is an awesome overlook 2.5 miles from the parking area at PGFSP on the AT with a fire ring and a good amount of trees to hang from. We have hung there before and it's an amazing site. There is no water so you'll have to bring it up from PGFSP. We are trying out some new hammock gear, doing a little bushcraft, and just relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

If anyone is interested in coming, that would be awesome. It's an amazing campsite and view.

Downhill Trucker
04-11-2013, 20:04
The weather is going to be great, folks!!!!

04-15-2013, 19:39
if only i saw this earlier i might have been interested in going.