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04-20-2013, 08:32
I am really excited as I have just ordered a DD frontline camping hammock, fly and snakeskin. I researched many including Warbonnet, Eno, Clark, Hennessy, Claytor and finally DD. I had been looking at hammocks for serveral months now, My research was greatly enhanced by the information on Hammock Forums!.
My decision to buy the DD Frontline Hammock and 3x3 fly was based on durability and quality, Features and Accessories available, and Value for the dollars. my ultimate decision was to go with the DD hammock as everything I could find indicated that they have a great quality product, the right features for me, supportive customer service(Thanks Penny!) and the right kind of information available (thanks bushcrafters for the in depth product videos ) that made buying one of these sight unseen easy.
In my opinion, after several months of research, DD represents the best overall build, features and value out there. They have a great line of accessories as well.

Now comes the hard part, waiting for the package to show up in the mail!

04-20-2013, 08:54
You do know that this posting can't be validated until your package arrives and you post a pic of the new gear in use.

Enjoy the goodies.


04-20-2013, 08:59
ok! thank You I will.

04-20-2013, 10:21
You are going to love it. And, in my experience, it won't take long to get it. The best feature of that hammock is the bug screen if you use spreader poles. Also that it can be simply flipped over if you do not need the screen.

04-20-2013, 13:29
I had good customer service from penny as well, the tarps seem very durable with my limited use of the 4x4m.

Congrats on the new gear, I'm sure you'll love it!

04-20-2013, 13:56
Thanks Guys,
Craige, it is really cool to be able to hold conversations over the span of several countries and the Atlantic at the same time!
Passingthru, they come with little poles now for the netting. I cannot wait to use this.
Although today the wind is gusting, and it is snowing off and on. I **** near froze on my bike ride this morning, was sunny when I started..........
Im working on an adjustable ridge line, two mini carabiners and a prusset knot on one end, sort of like the single line suspension systems on the forums.

04-21-2013, 08:23
I like my DD Frontline, a very nice piece of kit! I got mine used from a member here on the forum.

I have used it successfully as a bivy by using a sheet of plastic underneath as a vapour barrier and jury rigging supports for the bugnet. (OK, it was successful after I killed off the ants and did up the zipper...I had forgotten to do up the second zip and hadn't yet treated with permetherin :crying I did not make that mistake the second night. )

One of these days I will sew the ends of the spreader tabs shut as I find the bar ends up poking through.

I have also considered replacing the RL that the organizer hangs from. It is made from shock cord and sags and when I hang my book, watch, mp3, flashlight, cap, wallet etc. from it. Yeah, I know I'm a hoarder. :scared: It is probably fine for most folks, but I am NOT most folk.

For the price and features it is definitely hard to beat. Hope it gets to you soon so you can find out for yourself!

04-21-2013, 10:57
The wait won't be long, I got mine in 3 business days - from England to Montana. That was freakin' amazing. I like my Frontline a lot, congrats on the gain in elevation :D

04-21-2013, 11:29
Thanks Guys,
Craige, it is really cool to be able to hold conversations over the span of several countries and the Atlantic at the same time!

It really is, I love seeing the trip reports on here from all over the world... makes me want to travel.

The wait won't be long, I got mine in 3 business days - from SCOTLAND to Montana. That was freakin' amazing. I like my Frontline a lot, congrats on the gain in elevation :D

Corrected that for you lol the dd shop is less than 10 miles from me, it is in Edinburgh. We Scots can get a little touchy about that kind of thing :p

04-21-2013, 12:07
Corrected that for you lol the dd shop is less than 10 miles from me, it is in Edinburgh. We Scots can get a little touchy about that kind of thing :p

I stand corrected:D Guess I need a time-out in my hammock:lol:

04-23-2013, 23:53
Your story sounds a lot like mine. I was in the market for a hammock and on the verge of buying a Hennessy when I stumbled onto this forum. I too looked into all the options you mentioned and settled on the DD Frontline with the 3x3 tarp and snakeskin. I got it about a month ago and just took it on my first outing this past weekend and I absolutely love it. I also had some problems with the shock cord that hold up the mosquito net, but I got around it by making an adjustable ridgeline with a couple of caribiners.

You can kind of see what I am talking about from the picture. I also added some whoopie slings, which is an upgrade I definitely recommend.


Enjoy your hammock. I really like mine!

04-28-2013, 16:11
Nice Set Up!

How do you like the whoopee slings? did you thread them thru the end channel of the hammock? Nicely set up I must say. How did you get the bug net poles to keep the nest somewhat spread out? Gosh I ask a lot of questions!

I made a ridge line out of amsteel with a loop one each end, use mini carabiners and a prussic knot to make an adjustable tension line. It worked great, and allows for centering of the tarp prior to adding tension.
I had a hard time with the hammock webbing straps, I couldn't find a good tension adjustable knot that would hold and allow for adjustments. Im guessing that's the attraction of whoopee slings. I think I'm going to get a pair.
When I saw photos of your set up; I realized I hadn't photo'd, the thing.
oh well. There is always next week end.
I must say I love my DD. I really am amazed at the whole hammock thing, sooo much nicer than a tent!

05-01-2013, 05:23
I just added carabiners and rappel rings, that makes it much easier

05-02-2013, 12:31
I love the whoopie slings. I struggled with the tree huggers that came with the hammock and having the ability to alter the hammock once it is up is awesome. I still use the tree huggers to go around the tree, I just cut them down quite a bit so I didn't have to carry so much cordage.

I just used a guy line for my ridgeline, other than that it is set up the same as the one you described. I used the shock cord that came with the hammock to hold the mosquito net up by making a slip knot that I attach the carabiner from the ridgeline to. That way the tautness of the mosquito netting is also adjustable.

Get some pics up! I want to see that hammock.

05-02-2013, 19:22
I'm still tweaking the suspension, Ill be setting up as a dry run one more time in the back yard prior to utilizing it on a trip. Thank you for the info! So far I am liking the rappel rings although i'm still on the fence somewhat, I am going to get some tree slings, likely from Hennessy, but before I order I want to figure out light insulation etc prior to ordering. Im liking their radiant pad, not for winter use but colder summer temps. I will get some photos up this weekend!

05-03-2013, 16:22
Good luck! I look forward to seeing some pictures!

05-05-2013, 09:37



There it is all set up!
The ground slopes quite a bit but worked well, still waiting for my tree straps to arrive!

05-06-2013, 10:42
Can't see the picture.

What tree straps did you order?

05-07-2013, 20:17

I have changed the album settings to enable viewing of the photos in the above post, I have also included a link to the photos, I hope one of these works. I can see it in the post.
I ordered the straps from http://www.strapworks.com/Strapworks_Simple_Sling_s/174.htm
Initially I had the head of the hammock set up a bit too high and I had a tendency to slide toward the foot. I lowered it slightly and it made a huge difference. The **** thing was very comfortable!

05-08-2013, 08:51
That's a good looking hang! Very nice.

Did you spend the night in it?

Thanks for re-posting, not sure why I can't see the pictures in the above post, but the link works. :)

05-08-2013, 15:39
Great pics! I just got my own DDFL, but I'm on the fence about the tarps...what size is that in your pics, Leeward419? My old army ponchos were good enough back in the day, but if I ever plan to get the family hanging-out with me, I'll need better weather protection.

What an awesome forum.:D

05-08-2013, 21:23
Welcome to the forum!

Somewhere in this thread he posted that he bought the 3x3 tarp from DD. I have the same one and it does a fine job covering the DDFL hammock.

05-10-2013, 05:31
Yep slept in it, aside from slidding down a bit,was very comfortable, re set it and it was even better.
I just got the tree straps today!

05-10-2013, 05:33
Its funny, the 3x3 is a little bit smaller than two US army ponchos snapped together, I have used two ofthem in the past to make a shelter. and any time you aren't on the ground, its much more comfortable. The pup tents really aren't much different, only they weigh a ton, especially when they get wet, although they are built tough.
Love hammock, provides a much better spin on the outdoors than the above.

I'm still trying to entice my family to do the same, good luck with that!
The forums here are great! Now if I can only figure out a better way to prime my Svea stove, I'd be happy.

06-19-2013, 11:50
I just received my new DD Frontline. Wow so impressed with the shipping it was amazing shipped on Monday from England and here Tuesday. I think the hammock has quality stitching and I love the black no-see-um attached bugnet. I really like that is has the double layer for a pad. I am not liking the feel of the material I guess I didn't read correctly and found out that is polyester and not nylon like my ENO was. I was expecting it to be softer material, buying online without being able to feel the product is always hard. Also the pack down size is a bit big for me as I am trying to use my smaller pack and this thing takes up too much room and can't be compressed too well. I had planned to switch the suspension on it from the lengthy black cord it comes with too. I am the fence to keep it. I like it but it isn't light or small enough for me and the material will be very durable but I prefer the parachute nylon feel. I am going to contact DD Hammocks and see what the return cost will be. I have a feeling a lot of shipping cost. I may want to sell it here instead to save myself from loosing too much money. My quest continues to find the perfect double layer, single size, light weight hammock with attached bug net for low price. This one almost made the perfect hammock for me if not for the two issues I have with it. Just personal preference. :laugh:

06-19-2013, 19:16
I ended up deciding to list the hammock on ebay, I wanted to sell it on here but didn't have enough posts (50 required) to start a new thread. I didn't want to start spamming the forums just to get my count up to be able to list it here. I guess it will be a trade up ebay fees vs paypal seller fees here. I just hope it goes to a happy hammock lover. It would cost over $40 to send it back so I would lose too much money that way. Wish me luck for a fast sale. If it doesn't sell on Ebay, I guess I'll try Amazon as I have sold stuff on there as well.