View Full Version : Catskills and Day hike Sun-Mon

05-25-2013, 17:27
This weather has been terrible.

My first week in NY and I'm itching to get out. Looks like the rain will stop tomorrow in the Catskills. I was thinking of driving up early tomorrow morning to the Woodland Valley Campground. There are 2 trail heads for nice trails, one slide mtn, other is panther ledge or something.

I was going to do a nice day hike Sunday, spend the night at the campground and then do another day hike on Monday.

ANyone interested? Open to some suggestions of someone wants to join and do something differently. But Sunday and Monday should have decent weather with no rain.

I'm based in Albany, so we can carpool if anyone is interested.

05-25-2013, 18:19
I just saw a picture of the Catskills under 8 inches of snow. Bring the snow shoes!

05-25-2013, 18:20
How can I check this. The campground I'm headed to isn't too bad. No snow or rain tomorrow. But I would hate to be trapped in snow up on the trails. I'm woefully unprepared.

05-26-2013, 12:35
I'm not familiar with the Catskills, but I know some trails have rangers you can call to find trail conditions. Maybe a website for the area your headed?