View Full Version : PCT thru 09

03-01-2009, 14:50
so im going to attempt a nobo PCT thru-hike in early april of this year, and im wondering about a few things, but most importantly my shelter. the only back country shelter i currently own is a HH exp-asym. i have not yet determined whether hammocking will be my first, second, or not one of my options. hopefully some of you knowledgeable folk can help me out. i prefer to cowboy over any shelter when the option is available and reasonable. i also know that in the american wilderness, it is almost never impossible to hang.

that being said, do i need to worry about weather in the south that would require me to shack up, and if so, are there ample opportunities or not? next, are there any sections of significant distance (35+ mi) where hanging is not an option for any reason? and are there any areas with regulations that prohibit hanging anywhere on/near the trail?