View Full Version : Anyon done the Art Loeb Trail in NC?

03-04-2009, 20:24
I was wondering if any of ya'll have done this trail. I see that it traces alot of bald ridge lines, which makes me nervous takin the hammock. Any input on this trail would be great. I'm interested in doing the whole 33 miles. Also how are the water sources as well. I'm starting at the Daniel Boone Scout camp end proceding to Davidson River Campground. Thanks in advanced!:shades:

03-04-2009, 21:08
You wont have any trouble finding trees on the Art Loeb. Even at the high balds there are plenty of balsams to tie onto. This time of year you wont have any trouble finding water either. Its one of my favorite places, (Shining Rock, Black Balsam, etc) Do you live near Asheville? btw.. be prepared to do alot of grunting if youre starting from Daniel Boone

03-04-2009, 21:10
I have done part of it. We hiked to the summit of Cold Mtn twice during the drought two years ago. Hung at the top one of those times. The first time, we started from the DB BSA camp. Second time we started at the Shining Rock south parking lot off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Those upper reaches from Shining Rock to the Narrows and Cold Mtn might be dry. There is supposed to be lots of springs, but it was completely dry two years ago. Probably not dry now. Once you get downhill toward Davidson River, there's lots of water.

That should be a great hike!

03-04-2009, 21:34
Thanks everyone. No I do not live near Asheville. Looking at doing this trail this summer. Good to know about hanging spots. Anybody else been?

03-05-2009, 09:53
I hiked a portion of the Art Loeb a few years ago. Don't remember all the details, but it was dry, had to hike down to find water, and 'grunting' was definitely the word of the day.