View Full Version : Looking for advice on Brendan Byrne Camp on Batona Trail

06-23-2013, 14:35
Thinking about hiking from Ongs Hat to Batona Camp, with a stopover at Brendan Byrne Camp. Anybody have advice on where to camp at Brendan Byrne? Which sites have the best trees? I've never been to this place.

06-23-2013, 15:47
ALthough never went to a 'campsite' I did live in the brendan t byrne forest for 6 months before switching forests. All the trails that run through it are large, for trucks, not really any foot trails. They even have a paved trail for wheelchairs with plastic outhouses along the way. Lots of dirt bikers and trucks driving off-road. And all you hear are the sounds of cars driving down rt.72. Doubt hanging a hammock would be an issue at the site for it's heavily wooded. Decent place to pass by, not somewhere to visit often. It's sandwiched between the highway, and houses/ private property.

06-23-2013, 16:04
The Batona trail head is at Ong's Hat.

The campground includes the cabins at Pakim Pond, some yurts up by the bathrooms and 2 primitive camp areas , one much larger than the other.

I didn't realize it had opened back up, bathrooms were shutdown for a while due to repairs being underfunded.

Now with the new system, site numbers, fire rings and the designated areas, I don't know which is which and need to drop by.

Yes, there are a bunch of fire roads crisscrossing all over the place along with some old roads that have been there a very long time. You'll see evidence of the bog iron digs and an old railroad through a swamp.

Fortunately, sections of the trail still take you through some nice cedar forests and large pine stands with little undergrowth.

One of my favorite spots is along a cold wate spring fed stream with very little tanin. You'll pass near it when you hike by a stream level station.

Will try to drop by the camp for a few pictures asap.

06-23-2013, 19:12
Thanks, Ratdog. I believe they showed three wilderness campsites, according to Reserve America. Each had a capacity of 33, as I recall. There seems to be no restrictions on smaller groups reserving those sites. Is that your understanding?

06-23-2013, 20:30
I saw a single family rent Goshen Pond Group site C, so I'd say correct, no minimum.
I'll check at Atsion in the next day or two.

06-25-2013, 16:36
Ratdog I am very jealous of you. Of all the places I do not want to live in this State of New Jersey, you are in the only part I would be happy to live in lol.

Thanks for your amazing input on the sites.