View Full Version : January Frozen Butt Hang

06-29-2013, 11:56
Would there be anyone interested in a frozen butt hang in western Maryland in January?:cool:

07-07-2013, 17:35
I am very in to the January hang idea. As you can see I live in Ellicott City so keep me posted on your ideas.
Rock On!!!!

12-06-2013, 20:36
Any more interest in this? I am in cumberland.

Brian P.

12-29-2013, 21:25
I would be down for this! I have been trying to gather some friends for a winter camping trip with not much luck. This sounds like it might fill that void.

12-30-2013, 07:07
A few of my friends were looking to maybe do something like this. I am not sure if all my gear would be here in time.

01-07-2014, 18:44
Any suggestions as to possible dates for this? Let's get the ball a rolling.