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07-12-2013, 00:21
hey everyone..i leave for a loyalsock hike on thursday. 4 15 mi days. yikes. first one of this length so i have a few jitters. wondering if anyone here did the trail and any hang advise as far as areas..cheers

lazy river road
07-12-2013, 08:58
Hey bschap1 wzup man. Boy am I jealous your about to embark on one hell of a trail. I hiked the whole trail a few years ago and had a blast. As for hanging, you will have no problems at all. Plenty of trees and lots of great hang sites. If you want I can post more detailed info like what mileage I camped at but it seems like you already got your trip planned. Also remember that you hike through a park and if you get your timing right the snack bar will be open so that is one less meal you would have to carry. Ok, let me know if you have any specific questions and I'd be happy to answer them. Have a great time.

07-12-2013, 09:03
You can not hang within the boundaries of the State Parks except at a designated campsite. Often that means money and restrictions. Be aware of that while planning. But the trail is located almost entirely in a State Forest which bung full of trees. Should not have a problem at all. The State Park snack bars can be a bit pricey but hey... there is a point to a nice ice cream bar in July.

07-13-2013, 14:19
much appreciated. thanks. snack bar here i come.:laugh:

07-24-2013, 17:58
what an amazing trip. yes LRR(great tune) that was one hell of a trail. had some lows in the beginning and were acually looking for an out at one point. got to camp on night 1 and got some well needed food and sleep and pressed on from there with much more positivity. Mad respect for the loyalsock. can't wait to plan my next trail and to make it to a forum hang..cheers

08-02-2013, 19:01
I've done this trail twice. If you went west to east, bet you loved that first climb. Try it in a down pour. Last time I ever wore a poncho (rookie year). The LT is one of the most diverse and beautiful trails I've hiked. Have you done the Black Forest trail? If you want to expand on the milage, do the Loyal Highland Trail. Pretty flat, but what a haul.


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