View Full Version : NJ>Last-minute Pine Barrens Lower Forge Hang>July 13

07-12-2013, 20:42
JollyGreen and I are headed down to the Pine Barrens for a last-minute trip. We don't have reservations or anything, but looks like my favorite campsite #4 is open at Lower Forge (in fact, all campsites appear to be unreserved).

We'll meet at Atsion Ranger Station around 3 pm and hike 6.5 miles to Lower Forge. If we feel froggy, we might even bypass the Beaver Pond-Quaker Bridge cutoff and add 1.8 miles by taking the Wilderness Camp Connector trail.

All are welcome. Gonna be a hot one - high 86, low 72 (expect 60 out in the woods), 30% chance of rain. Lower Forge is right on the Batsto River so bring a swimsuit to cool off.

07-12-2013, 22:06
It's blueberry season - I'm gonna grab every blueberry I see.

07-12-2013, 22:41
I left #4 clean for ya!! Have a blast and stay cool!!