View Full Version : Can someone suggest a campground in NE NJ?

07-20-2013, 09:15
I want to take my friends white water rafting on the Delaware River, and afterwards camp at a nearby campsite. I was hoping to get some suggestions from you folks because I need a bit of help :) My plan is to go up on a Friday or Saturday (pending on schedules), and raft Saturday afternoon and then stay the night(or two) at a campsite. Now, the people that are going, and due to the white water itinerary, I think it would be best to go to a site where we could park our car in the campsite to make it that much easier and suitable for the rest of the group. (Slowly going to ease them in to the backpacking stuff :evil laugh:)

I remember my first time up there we stayed at a campsite that was a large field for car camping with various sized groups and it was very "manicured". Mowed lawn and no suitable trees within the campsite to hang. This place is absolutely out.

The second one was also a car camping area, but it was wooded and had trees and shade, perfect. I can not remember the camp site though. I feel like it was Stokes but for the life of me I cant remember. Its been a while since I was there, at least 8 years ago.

I was hoping someone on here would have a suggestion or two. Thank you very much!

kayak karl
07-20-2013, 09:20
worthington state forrest is the one your thinking of? shawnee is right across river.

07-20-2013, 14:35
Thanks! Looks like to do something I once had the chance to do for free, I have to pop 70 bucks - per person including camping! Wow.

I think I need to disregard my sweet job and move back where my hobby can flourish for FREE! :)

I think it was either Stokes or High Point State Park. Not so sure though. I tried to touch base with my cousin, with whom I went with, but they are so busy with kids and life. Hopefully I hear back soon. Cheers!

07-21-2013, 15:14
High Point and Stokes are the furthest north along the Delaware River and still be in Jersey.... Dingmans Ferry is about half way to the Gap where Worthington is...
You could check with some of the campgrounds further north near Narrowsburg NY and see if they have wooded sites available for a launching point also....
I know Worthington has some suitable hanging sites, but I guess you would have to talk to someone to make sure those sites were available.

07-21-2013, 23:16
I always took a trip three days down the Delaware River really no white-water but three days free camping each day 30 miles Milford to the Watergap

07-25-2013, 18:33
Free camping? How can I find those sites? That sounds great.

Yea I have been rafting down the Delaware before, ::yawn::

I have been white water rafting tons of times down the Penobscot River in Maine, class IV and V's. I am really doing this because I am stuck in NJ and I want some adventure. Going to be taking some newbies who have never been white water rafting, nor backpacked. So I figured leisure white water raft down the Delaware and then car camping.

Ill take what I can get :)

Thanks for the suggestions folks!

07-25-2013, 19:31
If your yakin and you want to run a little whitewater, check the levels coming out of Nokamixon, class 3 technical at low levels.

Scudders is a 2 but had a couple standing waves and holes.
The wing dam at Lambertville has stovepipe, a playspot.
The Lehigh is ok, if you paddle it backwards.
Otherwise you gotta head to WV to Yough, Cheat, Big Sandy etc.
Although Great Falls in Va is happening. (We just lost a gal down there couple weeks ago, sux)

Not really time of year for running anything around here but there's been a lot of rain.

Worthington has hanging spots in section one, sites 1-22, but get the ones actually on the water, not the other side of the road. 4-16 seemed ok. Weekdays are your best chance, weekends are pretty booked up.

Just noticed you said weekends, best bet is to call or check online. They are pretty popular spots this time of year.