View Full Version : NJ Worthington State Park 7/23 7/24

07-22-2013, 10:38
Have to be in East Stroudsberg Wed night so I'm thinking about hitting Worthington State Park tomorrow for a quick overnight. Might even go tonight, who knows.

Wondering if anyone knows of hammock friendly campsite numbers.

Will probably do a walk in and just drive around and look but if there is a recommendation, I could do the ReserveAmerica.com thing.

07-23-2013, 22:01
I would drive around, I tried up there last year and apparently Bore Beatles have hit that area hard and there were a lot of dead trees (may not matter to you but I won't tie up to a dead tree).

Please let us know what you see, I went in fall as the leaves were turning and it was a great trip. I'm curious to know if they ever got around to clearing out all the standing dead trees.

07-25-2013, 14:30
I only checked site 4-22.

Those are the sites along the river near the boat ramp.

The trees were pretty green, some trees cleared, did not see many deadfalls.

Sites 22-4
Sites on the other side of the access road were not suitable for hanging. ( furthest from the water)

Other sites were hit or miss.
8 and 9 had hanging trees.
7 you could make do.

I marked up a map and will post more later.

09-10-2013, 11:58
Hey Ratdog - did you have a chance to post that marked up map? I'm thinking of heading there in October, and want to be sure to book a site where I can hang. My bro and his wife are ground dwellers, so I only need 2 good trees. :-)

09-10-2013, 13:09
No, and can't remember if I took video or pics but I do remember that most of the sites along the water were ok.

Sites on the other side of the dirt access road were not good.

If you go during the week, you won't have a problem picking a site, during the weekend they are normally booked up.

09-10-2013, 15:57
Thanks for the update! If we go, it'll be a weekend. They use an online booking site. I'll see if any of the ones on the water are still available. Thanks!