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07-25-2013, 14:27
The Jerzey Bears and myself are doing a short one nighter this weekend in the Hells Kitchen area of the Catskills. It's in the Tannersville, NY area and we'll be meeting at the Platte Cove trailhead to Hells kitchen around noonish. It's a short hike in, maybe 1 1/2 miles and pretty easy, this is more or less a fun get together hike and hang and any and all are welcome. We'll be finalizing this trip today and tomorrow so feel free to contact myself or the Bearz, they know this area far better than I do. Sunday we'll probably head into Tannersville for brunch/lunch. Hope to see you there.......

07-25-2013, 15:56
Yup! What he said, it's gonna be fun!

07-25-2013, 18:12
If I didn't have to dog set I would do my dammed to join you

07-25-2013, 19:40
Tannersville weather says low of 62* Saturday night, great sleeping weather.

07-26-2013, 06:13
Wish I could but my wife's bday is tomorrow and her son is in from out of town. Can't make it work. Have a great time. That's an excellent spot!

Red Cinema
07-26-2013, 10:08
is this the place?


07-26-2013, 10:16
Looks like it, maybe the Bears can chime in?

07-26-2013, 18:02
Looks like it, maybe the Bears can chime in?

no problem... the hang is on the Devils Path at the Devil's Kitchen Kitchen leanto. Go to the lean to and the hang trees are above it on a small ridge. You can take prediger rd or Platte Clove trailhead. Do a search on HF fir devils kitchen and get exact directions.

07-26-2013, 18:12
is this the place?


The hike listed here is quite at the site above is cool and dangerous if not carefully done.This short hike we are doing goes to a lean to called the devils kitchen lean to. You can Google it to see an image. Water is everywhere. N exciting drive is along Platte Clove. STEEP!!! Cyclists train for mountain climbs on it. (Be prepared to walk that bike!)

07-26-2013, 20:19
Directions: In NY..Get off Interstate 87 at Exit 20- At Saugerties

Go thru toll booth to red light.

In front of you should be a McDonalds

Turn left onto Route 212 and go over Interstate 87

Turn Right onto NY-32 N and pass the entrance to Interstate 87 South

Continue onto NY 32 N and bear left New York 32A N to Palenville, NY

At Palenville, NY you come to a light, bear left and continue onto New York 23A W

Follow road out of town, up hill and past Katterskills Falls and thru the town of Haines Falls

Go into Tanenrville, NY and stay on Main Street

Proceed to traffic light in middle of town and turn left onto Co Rd 16

Continue onto Co Rd 16 (Railroad and Spruce Streets) Continue down road.

At sharp turn on road turn left staying onto Co Rd 16 (​Platte Clove Rd).

Go down road passing houses and farms. Be sure to pass a “BEAR CAUTION” sign. Look

for the trail head sign for Prediger Trail Head . This the trail head to the 1.9 mile hike

into Devil’s Kitchen.Turn right onto Prediger Rd

At the end of the road there is a house and Prediger Rd turns slightly right and becomes Prediger Trail Head Road- Park the car. Sign in and follow the trail to the intersection and turn onto the RED TRAIL going left.

If you want to take the short trail hike to Devil’s Kitchen then continue down CR 16 to where the road is closed off. There is a parking trail head on the left. Park there and follow road back to where it crosses over some small stream and there should be a sign and a blue trail markers.