View Full Version : Canoe/kayak Delaware River Hang @Walpack bend?

08-11-2013, 18:28
I'd like to see if a trip from say Dingmans access to Walpack Bend for a hang in the primitive campsites, then finish the trip up at the Gap (Kittatinny Visitors Center) could come to fruition before summers end.
For those without boats, there are plenty of rental outfits on the river for canoes, kayaks, or rafts. Single or tandem boats, and multiple person rafts. Heck, even a 40 dollar Wallyworld inflatable raft can make this trip...(I saw lots of kids in inner tubes this weekend!)
River here is mostly calm with some minor class1 rapids along the way.
I'm kinda getting back into the canoe thing myself, and have done both these legs over the past 2 Saturdays sort of scouting things out.
The primitive campsites are pretty numerous in this location, they are free, but they are on a first come first served basis. I believe they allow up to 6 campers in each site, and there several that are grouped together along the way. On my last 2 trips there were many vacancies along the way.
So hopefully this can work out....I'm flexible as I live very close, and could definetly help with shuttling boats etc.
Let me know if there is any interest...

08-11-2013, 23:19
This sounds like a great idea,me and the wife are interested, lets see if we can get enough hangers and try and do this. Let us know what dates you are looking at

08-12-2013, 11:06
I'm definitely interested but I doubt I could make it in August.

Here's some info.


08-12-2013, 11:26
How about either the first or third weekend in Sept? Wife's birthday is the second weekend so that's out for me.

08-12-2013, 11:40
Wife just told me she has signed up to work weekends now until thanksgiving and we cannot pass up on the overtime pay,there goes the rest of my year!
So sorry,guess i will be hanging in the yard, We really want to devote more time to relaxing and hanging next year,hope to get into some spring hangs for sure.
I gave some thought about going without her but not a good idea, good luck with your trip,maybe next time

08-12-2013, 19:21
I am def interested been itching to get the kayak out. I should be pretty good the rest of august and am pretty much booked up in september