View Full Version : Two week vacation, need ideas

09-07-2013, 09:29
I have two weeks of consecutive vaction from October 28-November 12 and I want to do some hiking in the Northeast. I have some friends in Baltimore, and some in Jersey so I can use either of those places as launching points.

I'm mostly interested in longer day hikes, or overnighters, maybe even some two days.

I want some scenic views, the prettier the better

I want something challenging to me, I would say a max of about 12 miles per day ( depending on terrain)

I had looked into hiking the presidential traverse, but it looks way over my head, especially that time of year.

I was really interested in hiking the Boroughs Rang Loop, it looks right around my skill level and beautiful views, if anyone has any good trip planning links I would appreciate it

Any other must see hikes? Even day hikes where I can get a breathtaking view?

Also, might sound stupid, but I don't want to be able to get there in the car. Thats half the point for me, the best views are the ones you have to work for.

I'm open to suggestions, I'm from Ohio so I have NO idea about the area, act like your talking to you a 12 year old ;-)

Thanks for your help ahead of time!

09-15-2013, 18:26
Dolly Sods in West Virginia.