View Full Version : You want, Paul & Missy will make it happen!!

09-18-2013, 22:35
Monday night, I e-mailed UGQ inquiring about the possibility of having a quilt smuggled to SC to cheat the shippers outta their cut. My questions were answered promptly and with attention to detail, but they let me down gently regarding my short notice.

BUT, Tuesday evening Paul e-mailed me and let me know that they kicked butt so well they were up for the operation! After deciding on the details I sent an e-mail late Wednesday thanking Paul and giving the particulars and letting him know I'd be out of the office away from e-mail Wednesday.

Paul sent me a quick text to confirm color at 8 am, then sent me a beautiful picture at 3 pm of my 1st top quilt! I don't think the fleece one I made for indoor handing really counts.

I've never met Paul, and until this week never exchanged correspondence, we have no common friends that I called in favors from. All I can say is the other post that extoll the customer service are not exaggerated, not made up, and not something UGQ does just for friends. This level of service is rarely found and something I sincerely appreciate.

What you wanna bet the product equals the service?

THANKS PAUL & MISSY, I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!