View Full Version : 9/27 or 9/28 AT: Dalton or Cheshire -> Mtn Greylock: Overnighter

09-26-2013, 08:36
Spontaneous Trip with a friend. Hope to hammock in or near one of the shelters. Message me or better yet call me asap at 518 414 4655. We will have another friend who will car shuttle us where we need.

Cheers! :)

09-26-2013, 12:23
I just came back from hiking there yesterday. I stared at Mt. Greylock Sunday afternoon and hiked to the Wilbur Clearing Shelter. Plenty of places to hang, I setup near a tent platform just above the shelter.

Spent a very cold night due to a poor setup which I corrected at the October Mountain Shelter on Tuesday night. I spent Monday night in Dalton at the Shamrock Village Inn until I figured out why I was cold the night before.

Tuedsay I hiked to October Mountain Shelter where I slept nice and warm. Realized that I had set my tarp up too high Sunday night letting too much wind so I lowered it.

Not many people on the AT this time of year so places to hang were plentiful. Abundant water souces also.

It is a great area to hike and you should enjoy yourself.

09-26-2013, 14:28
Man, I wish you had posted this earlier...I might of had a chance to go with you. Enjoy yourselves, it is a pretty time of year on the mountain.

09-30-2013, 15:02
We made it. Parked in Chesire and got an easy hitch up to (Blackington) North Adams. It was suppose to be just a 2 mile hike to Wilbur Shelter for the night but somehow we missed one turn and added another 4.5 miles with 3 in the dark. Wilbur was great tho as there were a couple fellows (Jim and Max) already there with a nice campfire and beer to share! It was a cold night but after we put on everything we had all was good. Clear night, lots of stars.

The next day we made up to Greylock and after a lunch @ the restaurant and a long rest on the main overlook we decided to try and hitch to Cheshire to shorten the hike as I banged up my right foot a bit. After no luck catchin a ride we snuck into Thunderbolt Shelter on the summit and hung from the rafters.

The next day i felt better and after a great breakfast at the restaurant i felt motivated and we made the 8 mile decent to Cheshire.

Also met one NoboSobo thru-hiker and another older man who took us to a secret site of plane crash he supposably heard call-in an emergency back in the 90s near mtn Williams.

Great trip. : )