View Full Version : Thanks TreeToTree ;)

09-26-2013, 16:22
Wanted to give a big ShoutOut to all the folks at www.tttrailgear.Com for generously donating several raffle prizes to the 2013 Hot Springs Hang last weekend.

I was lucky and won a hank of some mighty fine tree strap material...Good thing too! I just gave hammock and strap setups to two newbies...so I need a new set of straps.

Thanks Darby (good seein ya), John (you were missed this year), and all the folks at Tree-to-Tree Trailgear!

Next...firing up RF's thread injector ;))

09-27-2013, 15:28

It was our pleasure. Always a good time in Hot Springs. Now it's time to get ready for the Rat Gathering:thumbup: