View Full Version : Considering a 0deg Zeppelin

10-27-2013, 22:02
I am starting to get my gear together to partake in the Frozen Butt hang here in Minnesota. I have a 20 deg Flight Jacket that I can use inside a 20 deg or a 0 deg synthetic (Qualofill) mummy bag so I should be good on top.
I have a 20 deg underquilt and I can "borrow" the wife's 20 deg UQ as well. But am a little concerned about that many suspensions lines to contend with. As well as keeping both in place correctly in sub zero temps and lack of stretch in the shock cord. I plan on making a UQP out of some 1.1 Goretex that I have.
With the length of the Zeppelin being almost a foot longer and having draft collars. If I get 2 oz of overstuff can I expect to get similar performance with just the one quilt as compared to double 20's?

10-27-2013, 22:13
Don't know what the temp rating of 2 20* quilts would be but I have an UGQ 0* Zeppelin with 2 oz of overstuffing and manage to get well below 0*F. One quilt would probably be easier to deal with and as you said, the extra length is a plus for good coverage.