View Full Version : ME hangers, lost my camera at Grafton Notch, help!

11-11-2013, 14:10
so, I spent this past weekend in Grafton Notch with some friends and apparently I misplaced/dropped my camera in the parking lot at the 26/north side loop intersection of the Grafton Notch loop.

I left a message with the ranger station in case a good Samaritan found it, but if anyone familiar with the area knows any other local authority I should try calling, or any other help they can offer, it would be much appreciated!


Rain Man
11-11-2013, 23:23
I highly recommend taking a photo of your contact info with your camera's internal memory. Repeat for each of your camera cards.

That way, at least a Good Samaritan can easily contact you.

Best wishes on getting your camera back. I'm betting you will.

Rain Man


11-12-2013, 00:04
That does happen in Maine. Granddaughter lost her cell phone at the Seawall picnic area in Acadia NP last summer. Child was in a panic. After we checked the picnic area we checked at the Seawall Campground office and there it was.