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12-10-2013, 23:18
Thursday might reach single digits, Friday low is 18, and Saturday is a wintry mix. Looks like some fine hiking and hanging weather! I'm gonna try to get out this week in the Pine Barrens, probably Friday or Saturday.

Wanna work on my cold-weather set-up skills - I've had difficulty doing marlin spike hitches on my stakes, adjusting whoopies, etc., in cold, wet weather. The fingers can only take so much cold before the fine motor skills stop working.

Also wanna test my rain gear - haven't really gotten used to the venting and such required to hike in snow/rain.

Hammock camping is a whole different world in the winter!

12-10-2013, 23:27
I love it. I'll be out tomorrow night, then deer hunting early in the am.
If you want to set up camp with warm fingers, build a fire first, then you'll have a way to warm them back up quickly to do your tasks.
I like Shug's frost bib idea, but instead I just lay a piece of a thin wool blanket on top of my quil and tucked into it so I breathe over the blanket, and any falling condensation lands on the wool, not the down.

12-10-2013, 23:42
An earlier post today got me thinking about a wool snorkel, so to speak. Like Shug's frost bib, it would be attached to the ridgeline, but cylindrical. My face burns and chaps horribly in cold weather and I need a microclimate just to avoid it. Balaclavas help, but I'd rather find a different alternative.

12-10-2013, 23:51
run a snorkel through the tq. Just need some tubing. The quilt will warm the air as it gets to you. the wool dome idea is neatthough

12-11-2013, 00:30
I was just talking about this at dinner tonight, asking for volunteers to sleep outside. The 7 yr old stepped up but his mom put the kaibash on it.

I am outside tonight as usual, tarp is heavily frosted up, both sides.
Hammock is nice and warm, went with Jarbidge+ New River underneath and have my mummy bag + Pendleton wool blanket acting as top quilt.

Temp was 22 and dropping fast, should be single digits tonight.

Rain was a problem a couple days ago and the water was running over the triangle cinch buckles, down the amsteel loops and soaking the hammock. Actually soaked part of the hammock body. Had to sleep in a cold wet hammock. (Can't let a little water keep me from making it to a year outside) Used my woobie under me and slept just fine.

Then yesterday, grabbed some clothespins, cut up some foam, covered them in permatex flowable silicone and now have my heavy duty drip stops. Been ok for most of the year but every once in a while the heavy rain would soak the whipped ends. Here's hoping these do the trick.

12-11-2013, 00:37
an xl bandana wrapped around the line passed the drip break works pretty well too. With my jrb bridge, I have multiple drip breaks, the whoopie hook and 3 rings of the triangle. drape some clothing on the corners of the hammock, been dry so far....

12-11-2013, 00:43
Yeah, I've been using bandanas or socks.

And i usually leave the bishop bag w/ the bugnet on ine end but for some reason I took it off and that's what kicked my butt this time,

Where I am right now, about 15 mins from Atsion.


Work in progress



12-11-2013, 00:46
The "burning" on the face is a drag in the AM, was thinking about making a mini tent above the face from the ridgeline. Might try that tonight.

12-11-2013, 15:53
looks good

12-12-2013, 17:53
That is just what I had planned for this weekend at Allaire State Park. Just finished my DIY UQ/TQ want to test it out with my Cuben tarp.

12-12-2013, 17:54
Could use some company, that is in same boat.

12-12-2013, 18:18
Could use some company, that is in same boat.

Thought Deadphans was meeting you up there?

I'll be out Fri/Sat, want to be in the woods for the "storm", which is what the weather folks call anything more than a dusting.

12-12-2013, 18:26
I would join you but can't remember anything I like about Allaire State Park - I like to hike and the trails there don't look particular enticing. If I do head out to the Pine Barrens this weekend (probably Saturday), you're welcome to join. I'm probably going to hike Batsto to Lower Forge (7.5 miles). No need for a reservation (only two sites reserved, seven available); I'll just walk up and get a permit at Batsto - that way I don't have to pay the ReserveAmerica fee.

Rain gear advisable for hiking Saturday.

12-12-2013, 18:49
===> I will be testing out closing the 'doors' on both ends of my Superfly, and using a can of Sterno on the ground inside the rig to raise the temps. Will also be testing out my new Warbonnet Hammock Sock. Fun, ain't it??? :)

~ SkyPainter

12-12-2013, 19:58
===> I will be testing out closing the 'doors' on both ends of my Superfly, and using a can of Sterno on the ground inside the rig to raise the temps.

Isn't that carbon monoxide poisoning waiting to happen?

12-12-2013, 22:05
That is just what I had planned for this weekend at Allaire State Park. Just finished my DIY UQ/TQ want to test it out with my Cuben tarp.

treywilly, what is your TQ/UQ made out of, and what do you think it's rated for?

I'm right next door to you in Monmouth Beach, by the way. There's a little forest called Jackson Woods, by Ursula Plaza - the trees are crappy but I occasionally set up there for kicks and giggles. I never had the nerve to do an overnighter there 'cause of there's urban wildlife who also inhabit them woods at night! And I'm talking the two-legged variety.