View Full Version : Best 5-7 day hike in the NE?

01-17-2014, 01:36
I'm looking to do a week long trip this summer. I did a nice section of the Long Trail last summer, and it was great. I'm looking for something with great views, not too crowded, trees (obviously), somewhat technical, and in the NE. Swimming holes would be a big plus. Also, I'll have my very well behaved dog with me, but he can make it up anything. So far, I've considered doing another section on the Long Trail north of where i stopped (mt mansfield), Black Angel Trail NH + some, or the Cranberry Lake 50.
Any recommendations???

01-20-2014, 11:38
The CL 50 is a nice loop, some road walking through Wannakeena and along Rte 3. Also the foot-bridge in Wannakeena was just destroyed by the ice and the trail used to follow that, there is a road bridge so the trail should just re-route. The only time I saw people was in town and when I camped along the river and the kayaks were heading up to the falls. There are lots of side trips on the 50 as well so you could easily stretch the 50 into 5-7 days if you wanted. Haven't done anything else on your list, working on the NTP and high peaks myself.

When I did the loop 2 summers ago there were some pretty flooded areas due to beaver dams, mostly in the 5 miles getting out of Wannakeena, after that it the trail gets into the forest and dried up. Also the black flies can be horrible in June so plan on a spring or late summer trip for CL.

01-20-2014, 17:40
Northville Placid Trail, is beautiful in spots but lacks summits.

There are loops you can do up in tbe high peaks where you can easily spend a week, and knock out a dozen or more of the 46.

You could also do a section of the AT

01-22-2014, 18:05
Just and idea....my first suggestion would have been from Sherburne Pass as far north as you want to go on the LT.

After that I would suggest figuring your travel rate, going back to a starting point from Katahdin that you are comfortable with and hiking to Katahdin. You could spend a couple days in Baxter alone having fun.

Have fun planning!

01-22-2014, 19:03
The CL-50 is a nice hike, but doesn't fit your criteria. There are plenty of spots in the Adirondacks which fit well. 2 that immediately come to mind include a portion of the NPT.

Corey's Loop around the Seward Range and climbing the 4 Mtns (bonus is it is outside the EHPZ so you can have a fire).

French Louie Trail loop, including French Louis' cave bushwhack and climbing Pillsbury Mt.

(plus a few other secrets in both of the areas which I will not disclose publicly.)