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01-30-2014, 18:45
Hey Darby, I have a SB 1.9 SL and like it a lot, it is by far the most comfortable hammock of all I have tried (and I have tried them all). The question I have for you is, I'm thinking if trying the SB Lighthiker but I don't see it in a SL 1.9, why? Also I have seen your letting people try the SB classic I think that really cool any chance of letting me try a Lighthiker? Thanks

02-01-2014, 19:53
The Switchback LightHiker was designed as a DL 1.1. John took the Switchback and lightened it up by redesigning the net suspension, going to a lighter zipper, shortened it 8" and made it a dedicated 1.1 DL. We may put one on the Circuit Hike in the future, but at present it is the Switchback 1.9 DL.

Cheers, Dale

02-01-2014, 20:07
Thanks Dale