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02-02-2014, 23:44
I'm heading out to the Dutch dr shelter of Harriman state park Saturday March 1,2014. I only have limited time but looking to make the best out of it. Who's in?

02-03-2014, 08:11
I can't make it.
I have hung in the area a few times and in fact I have a cabin just over the hill at the ACA camp at Lake Sebago(closed until May). So I know the area pretty well.

For those that come by bus or train, you can hike in from Tuxedo, approx 2 somewhat strenuous uphill miles.
If by car, Johnsontown Road parking area near Sloatsburg, less than two miles and is an easier hike, not so much of a climb.

There are other places to hike in from that are quite nice if you want to do more hiking.

Also, great sites to see if you want base camp hike - Claudius Smith's Den, Lake Skenonto, Parker Cabin Mountain all have nice views.

The nearby stream is often dry in dryer seasons. Lake Sebago can do as a water source, but the streams are better.

02-03-2014, 10:46
Oh. I didn't know About Johnston rd. was going to park at the late and hike on 7lakes. But if Johnston is better ill go that way. What do u think. I do have limited time, so will need a shorter hike! Thanks!!

02-03-2014, 11:12
The hike from the Sebago parking lot is only a little longer than from Johnstontown Rd., but there is no road walk coming from the Johnstontown Rd. parking lot, just a nice woods trail and carriage road.

On the map they look about the same distance, but there are more ups and downs and zig-zags from Sebago.

I have done it from both and prefer the trail, mainly because I hate walking on roads:-)

02-03-2014, 11:23
Another great hike from the Sebago parking lot is to head east on the Blue trail, but stay on the carriage road where the blue trail splits off to the right. Continue on the carriage way to Pine Meadow. Many nice places to hang next to Pine Meadow Lake.

02-03-2014, 12:02
Here are some trip reports from last November in Harriman. Two of the posts are from spots near Dutch Doctor and one near Pine Meadow. The other is from further North which is also one of the many prime hammock hanging areas.


02-03-2014, 12:22
Awesome!! Looks pretty flat. Am I breaking rules by camping here? is this the rite map ur talking about? Thanks

02-03-2014, 12:38
Yes, that's it. Head a little east along the north side of the lake and there are plenty of places with a view.
Although technically you aren't supposed to camp there, I've never heard of anyone having issues, but it wouldn't hurt to hang back away from the trail.

Lake Wanoksink has some nice spots as well.

It seems like you see lots of day hikers this time of year, but rarely does anyone stay overnight and when they do, it's usually in the area shelters

02-03-2014, 13:56
How long does it take to hike about and how difficult? Lots of ?s sorry. I will scout it out first! Just like to know a lot beforehand.

02-03-2014, 14:23
If your asking about Pine Meadow, there is maybe 500' initial climb maximum and the rest is very easy, mostly flat. No scrambles.
The return back to the parking lot is fairly easy.

I would guess not much different from Dutch Doctor, maybe a little more elevation change.

If you want a hike that is quicker, so you can have more time to camp and tweak gear, there are other options.

Examples would be from Silver Mine Lake parking lot to just past Stockbridge Shelter or the other direction to William Brein Memorial Shelter.

Or even shorter, but with a steeper climb, would be Tom Jones shelter from the parking lot on HW106. A nice view and place to hang down the hill directly in front of the shelter.

Elk Pen parking lot to Island Pond(on the AT). One big climb, but not bad.

Beechy Bottom Rd. parking lot to West Mountain Shelter area. Also some elevation, but fairly easy.

These are just some examples of many options.

If you don't have the NY/NJ map of Hariman, I highly recommend getting it. It can be purchased form nynjtc.org, from any outfitter, the deli or library in Sloatsburg, Tuxedo library and other local businesses.

Harriman is on of the places that I recommend carrying a map at all times. There are lots of carriage roads and trail crossing to confuse. People always get mixed up or lost there.

02-03-2014, 21:31
Awesome!! Thank u. I won't ask anymore questions. But u were a great help. Thanks again!! I plan on going march 1st. Thanks again.

02-03-2014, 23:03
I'll keep my eye on this. I was in the area three weeks ago and would like to get back and cover some more ground.

02-06-2014, 09:15
Cool!! A quick update in a few days!

02-11-2014, 16:58
Hey Joe are you available this weekend I was planning to get out and get some between tree time. I have something scheduled for Allaire State Park, but as before nobody can get out.

Silent Bob
02-11-2014, 17:17
I'm interested.Waiting for update to confirm.

02-12-2014, 00:25
Hmmm...this might work

02-12-2014, 22:19
I'd like to get out soon. I was thinking the Catskills the weekend you have here, but this might work instead.

Roots Guy
02-13-2014, 07:43
Are you planning a day hike or an overnighter?

02-13-2014, 10:24
March 1st is my birthday and if the weather is good I might join you I need to get out.
Keep me in the loop.

02-19-2014, 16:28
Shall we formulate a plan?

Silent Bob
02-19-2014, 20:28
I can't make it on the first. Not to hijack thread but I plan on doing a overnighter on 2/27. If anyone interested send me PM.

02-22-2014, 22:26
Hey everyone. I know I started this thread, but my work schedule is taking precedence over some fun. I will not be able to make it. If anyone else goes please rub it in my face about how much fun it was! I will post another Harriman trip again soon!! Thanks have fun!! Word

02-25-2014, 20:23
As of now, I'm still heading out. If anyone is interested, touch base and I'll provide my details.

03-01-2014, 20:13
Bagged this weekend...

Will be heading out next, 3/8. 90% sure I'll hit Harriman tho may opt for AT further up the pike.