View Full Version : trail conditions AT Swatara gap to PA 944

03-17-2014, 06:55
I have had a hike planned with a friend to this section of the trail in PA, March 22.
Just curious if anyone has any first hand knowledge of the conditions up there right now.
Based on the weather outside here in Cape May this morning I am assuming all will be snow covered at this point.
I am just trying to decide whether to postpone the trip.

any info is appreciated.



03-17-2014, 07:26
I don't think you need to postpone. The Swatara gap area did not get any snow today. I got about one inch in the southern most part of Berks county, north of Reading got nothing. There was a group of hangers at the 501 shelter this past weekend, hopefully they will chime in with the conditions.

Black Foot
03-17-2014, 17:26
yooz85 and I just did a short section of the AT in PA from 501 to Swatara Gap last weekend. Some areas were clear of snow cover and some had 3-4" of snow. Conditions mostly dependent on the exposure of the slope. No problems and only needed the microspikes on a short bit. I would say you are good to go - barring any significant new storms.

03-19-2014, 12:40
thanks for the replys.
looks like we are just going to head over and do the Batona trail for the weekend instead of dealing with the unknowns on the AT and all the logistics that are involved putting together a 40 to 50 mile weekend.